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All In (Cedar Mountain University #2) by Ann Garner: For Grace Marsh there had never been a doubt that she was meant to be with Grant Michaels. From the moment she had met her brothers’ best friend she had known he was the one for her, and after two years together it seemed that he felt the same.
Until the night he knocks on her door and sends her entire world into a tailspin when he breaks her heart.

Jacob Ross was the American dream. The son of a football legend who was well on his way to a place by his father’s side in the NFL hall of fame. Until the day he walked away from it all without looking back.

A chance meeting between them finally puts Grace on the path toward putting her heart back together. But can she make a future with Jacob when she keeps getting pulled back into the past? Can she prove to him that she’s All In, or will she lose it all before it even really begins?

**All In provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.**
All In stands as the second book in this new adult series. Grace Marsh really stood out for me in book one and she was equally as good in her own story. As a sophomore in college having been recently dumped by the boy she thought was the love of her life, I think Grace naturally embodies what it’s like to be a woman at this time in her life. Her reactions and thoughts are normal for the changes she faces post-breakup. Especially when the boy that broke your heart is your brother’s best friend and a fixture in your life. Grace meets Jacob Ross at a party and he becomes her love interest. Jacob’s story line proves to be interesting adding extra glimpses into his charm. He intrigued me with his wit and the description of his smile. He’s also quite sweet. These two together were fun, feisty, and at times angsty. Unlike in the first book, these two main characters really grabbed my attention from the start and held it. Grace makes mistakes in this that seem true to the situation even though at times I wanted to shake her. The issues I had with the story were the plot points involving Delaney in Grace’s story again felt unnatural to me. And the abrupt change of scenes in the story left me dangling on the edge of wanting more from almost every chapter. There were certain elements to each of their stories that felt unfinished and rushed. There could have been more development. It’s also a shorter read just like the first in the series. All In gave me a quick, fun story with two great characters who adored each other making it easy for the reader to adore them.

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