Book Review: At Your Beck & Call

Hallen Jansen has it all. At 28, he has a flashy car, a great apartment, and a job he’s good at and that he loves – as an escort – working at your beck and call.

His life is easy, with no emotions or attachments slowing him down – choosing to keep moving, always running from the past. But when a new client awakens unfamiliar feelings, all bets are off. Can he convince a recently divorced woman twenty years older to trust men again – to trust him? Can Hallen trust himself not to screw things up?

Surrounded by people who choose to judge them, will they make their relationship a reality, or is it heartbreak for both?

Not all services are professional.

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Jane Harvey-Berrick is one of my favorite authors, and I always add her new releases to my TBR pile! At Your Beck & Call does not disappoint. I can think of many times I wish I had been able to afford an escort -- especially one as attentive as Hallen. It's a perfect package, honestly. He lavishes his "dates" with all his attention, making them feel as though it is all about them, and for the night, it really is. Most "dates" end in an orgasm or two and he always makes sure the woman is happy first. Then...he gets up and goes home. No awkward morning after sex moments with Hallen! YAY! I enjoyed this book a great deal. The sex was hot. The book extremely well-written. I recommend you get yourself a copy as soon as possible and devour a little Hallen!



I started writing contemporary romance two years ago. Before that, I didn’t think I could write a sex scene. Turns out I can!

My lucky number is 13 because I was born on the 13th and live near a haunted castle by the ocean. My number one past-time is watching hot surfers get changed into (and out of) their wetsuits.

My husband doesn’t read my books. My mother does.

Writing is my love, my hobby, my total addiction. All my characters are important to me and whisper their stories, even when I’ve finished writing their books. That’s why you’ll often find bonus chapters/out-takes from various books, because those voices just won’t be quiet.

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