Book Review: Charlie in a Red Dress

Charlie in a Red Dress by Zoe X. Rider: When Charlie agrees to go to a Halloween keg party as the “girlfriend” half of a boyfriend-and-girlfriend costume with his best friend, Jeff, he has no idea what he’s signing up for. The night of the party, Jeff’s older sister tweezes, squeezes, and transforms Charlie into Charli, a curvy, curly-haired brunette in a flare-skirted red dress. The shoes are hell, but the attention Charli gets at the party—especially from Jeff—goes straight to her head. When Jeff walks her to her door at the end of the night, neither of them is quite ready to give up the act.

"Charlie in a Red Dress" is a 22k-word contemporary m/m new adult romance.

This was my first m/m new adult read, and I must say I’m pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed the story. Charlie agrees to go to a costume party with his best friend, Jeff, the twist being that Charlie must transform into the girlfriend part of the costume which means cross-dressing for the night. We get to go inside Charlie’s head as he deals with the attention woman are normally faced with from men. Charlie embraces his role, and by the end of the night things really heat up between Charlie and Jeff. The romance between the two is sensual and sweet with a good ending. I would have liked to see this novella go a little longer so we could get to know more of Jeff and Charlie and see how things evolve over time. All in all, it was a fun feel-good read.

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