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Escaped Artist (Untamed #3) by Victoria Green & Jinsey Reese: Dare Wilde is out. The McKinley family has ruined his relationship with Reagan for the last time. He’s in Amsterdam, staying with his rock star brother Dash, ready to move on with his life and get Ree out of his head.

Finally, and for good. Problem is, he loves her.

So when fate leads Reagan to his door again, the two must decide whether their new-found love is worth the risk. Because two fractured parts can’t make a whole, and they must face the demons of Reagan's past if they are to have a future together.

A muse and her artist. A star-crossed love.

Will the past catch up to them…or have they finally escaped?

**Escaped Artist generously provided by the authors in exchange for an honest review.**

Escaped Artist – book three of the Untamed series – my favorite yet! I’ve mentioned in my reviews for the first two book proceeding Escaped Artist about my affection for this writing team, an affection that continues to grow with each book thanks to the brilliant writing of Victoria Green and Jinsey Reese.

The writing sucks into this vortex making it easy to sit down with Dare and Ree, after having immediately dove for your Kindle and drop real life to read an entire episode in one sitting. The world according to Dare and Ree is full of happiness, color, and rich beauty. It’s also dark; full of gray areas, mystery and intrigue. The healing they provide for each other immensely affects the readers. The addiction laced within the pages directly relates, a testament to the writing, to the addiction you feel while reading the pages.

You know I love the writing, the plot, and especially the characters. I was proud of Ree here, believing in her now more than ever. I feel like I highlighted everything Dare said. Dare’s siblings Dahlia and Dax are back, Dahlia whom represents a kick ass character. The two main characters rise from the ashes just as the phoenix that represents them. There’s a monumental shift, an escape if you will, that takes place in their relationship here, a shift that makes you hopeful. This book is just so great – fun, angsty – full of drama, passion, and love.

So, in Escaped Artist we pick up three weeks later from the epic ending to Out of Control. We’re also given some new and awesome bonuses to their world. First and most important of which - living the story partially from Dare’s point of view. I loved the authors made this choice. Reading for Dare was quite the treat. We’re afforded sweet, strong, passionate, loyal, funny, tortured Dare straight from his thoughts. And it’s a great place to be, inside his mind. Secondly, we meet Dash. Dash Wilde – let me just tell you the wait for his story will be torturous. He’s got a lot of charisma, the older brother of Dare, hiding a secret behind his bad boy persona and I can’t wait to find out that secret. Accompanying Dash, his band No Man’s Land, the highlight of which is Synner. A strong secondary character: sexy, funny, and panty-melting charm. I find it telling of a good book when the supporting cast provides so much more to the flow of the story.

If you haven’t started this series yet, I urge you to do so, you just can’t go wrong. The structure of the story and the series as a whole lends itself to a cat and mouse game. The authors give a little and then take it away, then give a little more and take that away too. It’s an incredibly engaging, delicious push/pull that’s addicting and fun to read. Reading a series formatted in novella’s such as this excites me. It something I hope you can get excited about too.

It’s like your most favorite television show leaving you holding on to the edge after a particularly satisfying episode. You wait because you have to but even more, you wait because it gives you something to be excited about – to look forward to receiving. Imagine if your favorite television show was a book how much more real and alive the story becomes. That’s this series, but way better than I could describe. Reading the Untamed series, and Escaped Artist especially, gives you everything a great story should with vivid descriptions, concise writing, characters you fall in love with and a heart pounding ending that leaves you wanting more. And then after you’ve recovered, you’re totally stoked anticipating the release of book four.

Favorite Quotes:

“He turned and looked at me as if I were the rain to his desert. Like he’d been searching for me his whole life and had finally found me. But there was something else in his dark gaze, too. A sadness that ran deep. And I had no idea how to react, what he wanted of me, or what I could do to keep that amazing look on his face.”

“Your eyes that notice light even when the world is submerged in darkness. … Eyes that find beauty in works of art that other people miss. Eyes that always perceive the best in me.”

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