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Her Soundtrack (Masquerade #1) by R. Matthews: "Fairy tales don’t exist. There are no knights in shining armor and for all I know there is no such thing as real, honest-to-God, Earth-shattering romance. There is only comfort and ease when it comes to real love. I should consider myself lucky to have found someone who I’m comfortable with. There are no waves, there are no bumps in the road… so why do I feel like I want to crawl out of my skin?"

Life for Gabriella had always been straightforward, albeit a bit boring, but a passionate, almost magical, encounter with an enigmatic stranger catapults her into evolving into stronger version of herself. Her evolution does not come without consequence, though. Gabriella learns the hard way that turning on the lights can reveal just as much ugly as it can beauty. She discovers that the comfortable relationship she’d been idling in for too long is, in fact, far more dangerous than she ever imagined and finds herself desperate for the inexplicable comfort she finds in the arms of a stranger.

TeriLyn's Thoughts: **Her Soundtrack generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.**

There’s a song for every chapter in the aptly named title, Her Soundtrack, and I loved the author’s choice to include each one. Music and reading most always go hand in hand for me so it’s especially rewarding to listen to the songs of the author’s choosing. Ms. Matthews novel follows the journey of Gabriella on a passionate journey of mystery, angst, and discovery. The romance poses as the instant love variety and the development of the story moves at a rather fast pace making the reader wish for a just a little bit more to their story. There were times in which I felt like I was speed reading at the pace in which the story was written. However, I found the characters instant connection completely believable, testament to the author’s ability to draw into her characters.

Ella and Jonathan embarked on a whirlwind evening of lust and passion. Their meeting proved to be one the most romantic introductions between main characters and really drew me into their story just as quickly as they were drawn to each other. Ella’s character bothered me at times because she seemed quite contradictory – her religion and her actions opposing each other. But she was a woman to found she needed a man she barely knew; a man who became her ultimate savior. Ella tells her own story in this book and overall her voice lent itself to being an honest woman with an intriguing story to tell. The man in whom she finds a connection immediately seemed rather insecure at times but moved on to the point of obsession. Jonathan’s infatuation with Ella led to her survival. They became wrapped up in each other’s need. The villain of the story, David, provided just enough angst and crazy to keep readers on their toes with worry about Ella’s safety.

Her Soundtrack came off as a bit rushed to me especially towards the end. The characters intrigued me and their story was definitely good but something was missing. It wasn’t a story I was completely taken with to the point of needing to finish it quickly even though it was an easy, fast read.

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