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His Soundtrack (Masquerade #2) by R. Matthews: "Define ‘Happily Ever After’... I was so sure I knew what that meant. Even more, I was sure I had that for myself. My Ella. And our baby. We were the perfect family, inside and out. Or so I thought… but the reality of life means that there are some dangers that none of us are immune to."

The sequel to the praised Her Soundtrack, this story is full of passion and heart-wrenching reality. Experience the life and love of Ella and Jonathan as their story continues in HIS SOUNDTRACK. Join Ella and Jonathan on their journey through the incredible highs and frightening lows of real life and real love.

TeriLyn's thoughts: **His Soundtrack generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.**

There were several times while reading the first book in this series I had thought it would be rewarding to hear Jonathan’s POV. His Soundtrack gives us Jonathan’s take on a whole new life-altering, angsty chapter in the lives of him and Ella. The end of the first book ties their lives up nicely so it was surprising to realize book two continues their story. This book engaged me more, the characters even more believable than book one, and the story of their lives post-book one refreshingly real.

Ms. Matthews writing comes from an honest place as a reader I could feel through her words in this installment of the Masquerade series. Maybe it was seeing the changes in Jonathan, the growth of his character that made it more enjoyable, I’m not sure. But somehow through these developments I was sucked into his story. These characters unfold even more angst than you’d imagine here but through it all we’re reminded to fight for those you love and from that fight comes the best kind of redemption and salvation. His Soundtrack shows great character growth, a solid story, and excellent writing. Once again, near the end I felt the story getting so rushed and I wished there was more of an epilogue to the story or a more subtle transition from the conflict to the ending but overall I really enjoyed it. I don’t want my review to reflect any spoilers from book one or two so excuse my vagueness. But know if you enjoyed book one, book two from Jonathan’s POV you’ll love even more. And again, we get the song titles to start each chapter which if you listen to the music the author has comprised of His Soundtrack lends itself to even greater reading experience.

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