Book Review: If I Break

If I Break by Portia Moore: This is not your average happily ever after...

Lauren Brooks wants to do three things: Escape the small town she grew
up in, get accepted to her dream school in Chicago, and graduate
without drowning in debt. Now she’s working her ass off to do just

With a full course load and a waitressing job at one of the hottest
night clubs in Chicago, she does not have time for distractions;namely
ones who only want to get into her pants. She’s been burned before.
Only a fool goes for a second round.. With just two semesters left
until graduation, everything’s on track.

Until she meets Cal. Enter distraction.

At six-foot-two, with ebony hair, deep grey eyes, and a smile that
could only hide an agenda, she knows he’s trouble. And for the first
time in her life, a little trouble might be just what she needs.

No what she wants.

It isn't like she’d ever marry the guy.
Until she does.

What she thinks will be her happily ever after, is only the beginning.
Cal has a secret. One that makes loving him come with a price, and
being his wife cost more than she bargained for.

This book was given in exchange for an honest review.

This book was not my 'normal' choice of book but when I received the blurb I really liked the sound of it. It began as a love story but developed into so much more. Lauren met Cal when she was working in a bar and they really hit it off. They married quite quickly but this is the point in the storyline when things change. Cal works for an extremely rich and important man called Dex and Lauren thinks that Cal is called away a lot as part of this job. However after the first couple of trips away Lauren begins to worry as she doesn't hear from Cal whilst he is away. On his return she confronts him and he gives her no explanation. Needless to say Lauren thinks he is having an affair. This is what I thought too. This pattern continues with their marriage falling apart along side it. Lauren tries to leave but Cal always manages to get her back. Their physical attraction to each other is still strong. However, in a twist to the story, which I as the reader wasn't expecting, Cal leaves Lauren with no explanation and no way of tracing him. At this same time Lauren discovers she is pregnant but with the support of her Aunt and two good friends she gets on with life. However, never managing to stop loving or looking for Cal.
When Caylen, Lauren's baby is one year old, Hillary one of Lauren's friends makes a discovery of reading a newspaper article about Cal. However, Cal is now called Chris and lives a few hours away.

Lauren discovers that Cal has a split personality or altered personality and for awhile he managed to live this double life.

The story isn't told quite as simply as I have made it seem. The author very cleverly moves forward and back in time in alternative chapters and this works extremely well. She managed to keep me guessing as to what was going on with Cal/Chris and I sure wouldn't of guessed the outcome correctly!

If I Break has a good mix of romance and I suppose I should call it mystery and managed to keep me intrigued until the end.

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