Book Review: Lost on the Edge of Forever

Lost on the Edge of Forever by Michael Haley: Leila Sepehri, an ambitious and brilliant student determined to cure cancer, is murdered during her final semester at college, yet discovers she’s been reborn as a spirit, resigned to haunt a school that can no longer see or hear her.

The following semester, incoming freshman Alejandro Velásquez arrives on campus, eager to reinvent himself after eighteen years of awkwardness, as well as a devastating family tragedy, shake his sense of worth and faith to their cores.

The two lonely souls meet under the auspice of moonlit rain, and soon find themselves passionately, irrevocably attracted to each other. Leila discovers her spiritual body reawakening with sensations that make her feel alive once again, and Alejandro discovers a kindred spirit who understands his pain like no one else. The fast friends become intense lovers, and become determined to find a way to hold onto their own private miracle forever.

Yet troublesome questions linger. How can Alejandro possibly explain to skeptical friends and family that his soul-mate is a ghost? Why does Leila get the nagging suspicion that their relationship might hold the key to understanding her existence as a spirit?

Intoxicated with each other, Leila and Alejandro evade these questions, only to have them explode once an act of evil causes both of them to clearly see the true meaning of their destiny together. Will their love give them the courage to accept a destiny that surpasses time and perhaps even God, or is their love destined to die loud and young?

This story is beautifully written as the author certainly has a way with words. The spiritual aspect of this story is both different from anything I have read yet also a refreshing change from the cliché New Adult novel. No good girl/bad boy romance here. Just two lost souls who find passionate love amongst a unique and unlikely situation.

When smart, beautiful, ambitious Leila is gunned down in a school shooting just shy of graduation, she somehow becomes trapped in between worlds as a spirit whom no one can see or hear—except incoming freshman Alejandro. Their love affair is intense, and the character development of Leila runs deep as she questions her fate and mortality. The only question it leaves me with is why Alejandro? His character is a bit awkward, which made me wonder if a girl like Leila would ever go for a guy like Alejandro if he wasn’t the last guy on earth she had a chance to love. Nevertheless, they fall passionately in love with one another.

As their love grows and they question how to make their love affair surpass the dilemma of their current situation, an act of evil ultimately illuminates all the answers. The story has a surprising twist which allows everything to make sense in the end. Until that point, however, one might get turned off by the overuse of the word ‘Dude’. While the word proves to be symbolic, the repetitive use felt frustrating at times, which is the only reason I am giving this four stars instead of five. If you can get past that, the rest of the story is beautifully written, to the point where I would almost say poetic at times.

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