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Pieces of Me (Cedar Mountain University #1) by Ann Garner: For Delaney Roberts, moving across country and away from everyone who knew her darkest secrets, was the last chance she had at normal. When she starts her freshman year at Cedar Mountain University, she isn't focused on making friends or falling in love. She just wants to pick up the pieces of her shattered life and fit them back together the best she can.

Cole Marsh hadn't settled down since getting his heart broken three years before. But one look at the sexy brunette with the sad blue eyes and he’s lost. But can he convince her to trust him enough to put the past behind her?

**Pieces of Me provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.**

I really wanted to fall in love with this story, Pieces of Me. The blurb intrigued, the cover enticed, the foundation of the story built upon a very sad story for the heroine. But in this classic story of broken girl meets her dream guy nothing really stood out for me as particularly different or interesting. The basic plot here has been done so many times in order to pull it off in a big way some aspect of the story really has to grab my attention. It’s written well throughout however the chapters became terse at points leaving me wondering what happened in a certain scene. There abrupt endings to chapters where I felt there could have been more to complete the scene adding extra insight and depth. The hero and heroine of the story, Cole and Delaney, didn’t feel natural to me as a couple at first. Cole’s character took a back seat to the horror living inside Delaney on a daily. He’s charming, funny, and charismatic definitely, but some comments he made and actions turned me off from him. He also didn’t have a huge plot line; he was just sort the knight in shining armor with no real depth to his character. Delaney struggled through the first half of the book with trying to convince her to be a “normal” freshman in college. I sympathized with her, felt for her, when the horrors she faced were uncovered. However, when her relationship with Cole became a relationship I never felt any real change or growth. The secondary characters, Grace especially, lent a shining light through a lot of the story for me. Pieces of Me is the first book in this new adult series and on the shorter side compared to other books of its genre.

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