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Stone of Thieves (Robbin' Hearts Series #2) by Diane J. Reed: The Stone of Thieves . . . for centuries its magnetic draw has twisted the hearts of ambitious men and women with the promise of power, passion, and intrigue until it fell into the hands of unlikely thieves Robin and her boyfriend Creek. But can they steal their destiny away from the curse that pursues this magnificent ruby heart? As the stone begins to spread its sorcery, Robin races to find her long-lost mother in Italy in the hopes of discovering the truth about her unique gypsy heritage and the ruby heart that is rumored to steal souls. Yet when the desire for this stone by powerful members of her family threatens their very lives, Creek decides to take matters into his own hands to protect Robin, his greatest treasure of all . . .

Stone of Thieves is a sensual, stand-alone new adult novel and the sequel to Robin in the Hood in the Robbin’ Hearts Series. Due to mature themes, readership is advised for ages 17+.

**Stone of Thieves generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review**

Stone of Thieves proved to be an eye-opening read. My preferred genres to read usually do not include fantasy books but this one really helped give me a push towards wanting to experience more. The magic and adventure wrapped around Robin and Creek’s romance provided a fast-paced energy flowing from the pages. Written really well, this new adult romance grabs your attention from the beginning.

I haven’t read book one in the series, which I understand was more mature YA than NA. After reading this and making the conclusion this falls under new adult, I‘d venture to guess anyone who enjoy NA fantasy would enjoy Robin and Creek’s story. The plot darkens more than I expected from reading the blurb. Magic surrounds the plot but not in a rainbows and unicorns kind of way but more a mysteriously deviant way. Without giving too much away Robin and Creek possess a stone worth a lot to many people, one in particular, the capabilities of the stone both helpful and detrimental in the wrong hands.

Robin, the heroine of the story, underwent a period of growth in this book. She’s damage but working towards healing. The plot starts off really centered around her quest for the true knowledge of her life and how that knowledge will forever change her. She’s a strong character especially knowing the deception she’s trying to beat. Our hero of the story, Creek, provides a pillar of strength for Robin throughout this journey. He’s hot, passionate, and serious about his feelings for Robin. Together they create a haven of control and safety for each other.

This book really held my attention. I’m not going to lie, I was worried going into it that I wouldn’t like it because of the genre but I’m definitely content with the experience. It wasn’t a book I truly loved but there it was engaging and held my attention. I never felt the need to skim through. There were a couple of parts that some things were unclear that I had to go back and re-read to make sure I was understanding what was happening. The author writes well; easily drawing you into her mystical world. The characters and plot engage the reader. This book isn’t a cliffhanger but it definitely ends with the reader wanting more from the story. The ending could have been a little less open-ended for me. With new a wrinkle in the story to set up the next book, something felt unfinished. Even with a cliffhanger I usually feel some finality to parts of the story but something was missing for me. However, I do believe and would recommend Stone of Thieves if you’re a fantasy reader. Robin and Creek will take you on a magically intriguing journey full of alluring deception with a plot that can quickly turn from romance to danger – the twists and turns are a major part of the fun.

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