Book Review: Another New Life

Another New Life by Sydney Aaliyah Michelle: Miranda Preston is a walking contradiction. Talented, smart and beautiful on the outside and insecure, haunted and damaged on the inside. Despite these contradictions, she’s ready to start Another New Life.

When her talent wins her a piano performance scholarship to the University of Texas, Miranda arrives on campus determined to experience everything college has to offer and to keep her secrets in the past where they belong.

An easy task, until the first guy who catches her eye happens to be someone, she’s known all her life.

Eight years have passed since the last time Miranda and Troy saw each other. He reminds her of the best and worst times of her life, but she can’t think about one without dwelling on the other. As they grow closer, every day their attraction reminds them they are no longer kids.

The epic romantic love story that is Miranda and Troy seems to be destined for a happy ending, but Miranda knows it's only a matter of time before her secret is discovered. A secret that will not only destroy their relationship, it will destroy Troy, too.

Can Miranda focus on her future with Troy while preventing her past from tearing them apart all over again?

Lisa's thoughts: Miranda is an 18 year old college student that is running as far away from her past as she can. The plan would have worked perfectly if her past didn’t show up in her class in the form of Troy, her childhood best friend.
That is a simple description of a not so simple story. To start with I thought this was going to be a sweet and slightly frustrating three star romance. Frustrating due to the first person narrative, however as I progressed through the story I understood why it was important that it was told purely from Miranda’s point of view.

I thought the problems Miranda was running away from wouldn’t be that big of a deal. I could not have been more wrong. There is so much more I want to say here, but I can’t think of how to word it without giving away too much of the story.

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