Book Review: Loving a Thief

Loving a Thief (Book Two in the Maxwell Series) by Mariah Kingsley: The only woman that I want is the one I can’t have. She’s not the one that will fit into the life that I’ve worked hard for, but I can’t get her out of my mind. Other women I’ve met are forgotten before the door closes, but Leslie is constantly on my mind in way I can’t explain. She keeps me guessing, and just when I think I have all the answers she shows me another side of herself that draws me even closer. She accused me of being a thief, stealing time I can’t give back. She’s wrong, she’s the thief! I am a liar, and he is a thief. Leslie, my alter ego, is my only defense from the notorious womanizer Damian Maxwell who’s searching for a trophy wife. He’s known for finding a woman, becoming the man of her dreams and discarding her without ever looking back. Leslie isn’t trophy wife material and that’s just what I want. My plan is working fine until one night at a party I have to be Arianna Anderson, the one woman that he has been dreaming of. I just pray that what he takes I can live without, because thieves don’t return what they steal, and my heart is in grave danger.

Nicole's thoughts: A surprising and fresh sequel to When Forever Ends. This was an exciting adventure into broken relationships, family strife and the recreation of bonds. I was pleasantly surprised by the story of Leslie. I felt her heartache and longing to be loved. Damian's change of heart and willingness to put himself out there was sweet. The addition of some mystery and adventure was a welcomed occurrence. I really enjoyed the evolution of all the characters and thought this was a lovely read and revisiting of old friends.

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