Book Review: Point of Submission

Point of Submission by Remy Landon: Cassandra Larsen is not the type to give in. But Carlo Leone is not the type to give up. The 27 year old CEO of a prominent industrial company, Carlo is rich. Powerful. And devastatingly handsome. Tragic events in his past have caused him to be guarded, to view women as playthings in a provocative game he and his colleague created. When Carlo meets 21 year old Cassandra at the horse stable he owns, he is instantly drawn to her beauty and feisty nature, but beneath her spunk, there is vulnerability and want. She will be a challenge--a perfect candidate for the contest.

Wary of relationships due to her rocky history, Cassandra is determined to resist Carlo’s smoldering eyes and maddening charm. Will she surrender? And will Carlo discover that this has become more than just a game--before it’s too late?

Jennifer's thoughts: Cassandra is a hard working twenty-one-year-old who had to drop out of college to take care of her mom before she died. She works two jobs and doesn't have neither the time nor the desire for a relationship. She has been hurt and doesn't care to ever go there again. She has her waitress job that she likes and her job working as a stable hand taking care of horses that she loves. Her life is good just working and hanging out with her best friend.

Carlo is a twenty-six-year-old CEO of a large company that he took over after the death of his step father. He could have any woman he wants. But Carlo is a player...and I mean in the game of submission. He finds strong willed women and when he is able to control them into submission (which he always does) then he wins or does he? Yes, it is a game played by Carlo and his business associate Brock. They each find a strong willed woman and the game is on.

Only this time things may be a little different for Carlo. The chemistry between Carlo and Cassandra is amazing. I know you have probably read books similar to this before, but there is something about this story that is unique. It is a great read and Remy Landon does an excellent job bringing these two characters together and making this story real.

I will warn you that it is a cliffhanger, but it is well worth the read. Plus I think the second book is due out in early fall of 2014. Job well done Remy Landon! I will be patiently waiting for book 2!

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