Book Review: Rock Me

Rock Me (Love Me #3) by Alla Kar: *Not intended for children under the age of 17*

*Can be read as a standalone.*

From the Amazon Best-Selling Author of The Forever Series.

MISSY KING'S ‘Ice Queen' reputation is all she can remember. Being in the spotlight because of her famous brother, Nick King, from the band Fringe, she grew up with the weight of being ‘perfect' on her shoulders. But when she ends up in a nightclub in hopes of losing her virginity on a promise before college, she realizes she hasn't met perfect until he walks into club Freedom.

PAXTON EVERS is in search of a woman to bring home that doesn't know he is in a band—or was in a band. When he spots the sweet as sin girl sitting at the bar, he knows he'll have her in his bed soon. He just didn't know she'd be a virgin, addicting, or the daughter of his new manager.

After a night of delicious disasters Paxton finds Missy is staying in the bed across from his for the summer tour. The plan was to enjoy the tour and get to know his new band members. But there is something about Missy that pushes Paxton's heartbeat into overdrive.

It doesn't take long for their feelings to show. But with Missy's father around every corner trying to map out a life that Missy doesn't want, the relationship is harder to hide.

But sometimes love is worth fighting for, no matter the cost.

Lori's thoughts: Alla Kar is a writer I'm liking more and more. This is only the 2nd book I've read by her and I have thoroughly enjoyed both books. Rock me is the third book in the Love Me series, but can be read as a standalone. I've not read the other two books, and didn't find myself getting lost. Paxton is hot and Missy is naive. I liked them as a couple but there were just a couple of things that I didn't like about them. It has nothing to do with the book or the author's writing, but more to do with my own personal preferences.

It really bugged me that Paxton's nicknames for Missy were "Prissy Missy," and "Sugar." I wanted to cringe every time I read that. Another thing that sort of creeped me out is when Paxton would say something like "Come to daddy." Ugh. Theirs was an instant attraction and they got into the relationship extremely quickly. Sometimes, that happens. I found a few minor editing errors, but I'm not going there, because as an author, I know how easy it is to edit out every single flaw.

All in all, a very enjoyable read, and one I recommend.

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