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Shifting Gears by Jenny A. Hayut: When safe, sensible, and ever-awkward veterinarian Nicolette (Niki) Stringer first lays eyes on bounty hunter Holt Maddox, all she can think is badass. He leaves her breathless from the start, and she soon becomes addicted to him and the bliss he gives her. Then, just like that, he leaves, taking Niki’s heart and confidence with him. When Holt returns to Coral Springs three years later, it seems he wants to pick up where he left off: with Niki in his bed. But there are unanswered questions, and soon she will discover shocking truths that leave her torn between her desires and protecting herself from heartbreak again.

TerLyn's thoughts:
**Shifting Gears generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.**

After reading the blurb, Shifting Gears had me really intrigued. The story fell flat for me though. It's told from Niki's, the heroine's POV and she spends a lot of time in her own head - questioning, analyzing, agonizing over the past. She was a large part of my problem with the story. It felt for the entire story she was debating whether to trust the Holt or not, whether to open up to him or not all while lusting over him. It just became too much. She was too weak, I found no strength in her which is a must for my heroines. Holt Maddox as the hero had so much potential. A total alpha, which I love, but I didn't sense an open side to him until much later in the book. And his alpha-ness wasn't sweet all the time but extra rough. He called her "babe" every other sentence. I felt there were plot points I wished were more developed. Such as both the main characters love for drag racing. The bright spot for me in the book were the secondary characters Cass and Aunt Helen. Funny, sweet, charming, honest women who really stood out. And the mystery laced within the pages. There are deeper occurrences happening that the reader isn't aware of because of the heroine's POV. The ending cliffhanger was suspenseful and full of action after being inside the heroine's head for so long. Shifting Gears is a good mystery for romance lovers looking for a quick read who don't mind the constant push/pull of a heroine's first person POV.

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