Book Review: Therapist

Therapist by Jaden Wilkes: I am a sociopath.

I know this because I diagnosed myself.

I have a PhD in Clinical Psychology from a very prestigious university.

I am charming, attractive, and you probably want to sleep with me.

I take what I want, when I want, and I enjoy picking the most tragic of all my patients to experiment with.

I have no remorse, I am unrelenting in my pursuit of tragedy, and I am about to meet my match.

Her name is not important, I am only allowed to call her Mistress. She is a femme fatale, a patient, and now an obsession.

She will destroy me, I will do anything to get inside of her.

I can already feel her inside of me.

**Trigger warning. This novel contains situations of perversity and dubious consent. It is not a love story, but more of a journey through a few short days in the life of a madman. What you see is not always what you get, reality is altered through his eyes and sometimes there is no happily ever after.

Lori's thoughts: A short, quick read. This one kept me engrossed and wondering what was going on. A lot of people talk about the surprise ending, and it was, but it was very good, too. No HEA ending here, but I couldn't imagine it ending any other way. The story reminded me of American Psycho, but it's not too close to make it unenjoyable for readers of American Psycho. (I hated American Psycho, but really liked this.) There is a lot of sex, there is a lot of darkness, there is a big twist at the end and I could see this as a movie. If you're looking for a romance, this isn't the book for you. If you're looking for endearing main characters, skip this one. It's dark, and it's gritty, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Off to seek out other books by Jaden Wilkes.

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