Book Review: When Forever Ends

When Forever Ends (The Maxwell Series) by Mariah Kingsley: Two marriages at a cross road, Charles and Vivian; Mason and Cassie. Years of love and devotion to his wife have not spared Charles the hurt of hearing he wasn't enough anymore. Charles turns to his new employee Cassie, she is smart, compassionate and lovely.
Cassie has faced hard ache over and over again, after miscarrying for the last time she decides to put being a mother behind her and focus on being a great wife. If only her husband could move forward.
Taking a job across the state, she becomes fast friends with Charles. Cassie and Charles never cross the line, until one night, when the need for closeness over ride everything else.

Nicole's thoughts: I really and truly enjoyed this book. One of my favorite things is that there is no guess work as to what a character is thinking, or in most cases, why they are doing what they do. Have each person's POV really enhanced the experience. Every individual, though flawed in their own way, is completely relatable even if they weren't likable. It provided great insight into how easily we assume what our spouse, lover or friend is thinking when we could not be more wrong. It was also a very strong example of how we can be our own worst critic. Mrs. Kingsley very effectively shows variety in the forms of how love can be expressed. Each person shows and receives it so differently in When Forever Ends, that it is a very refreshing read. I can't wait to read the next installment!

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