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Beg (Songs of Submission #1) by C.D. Reiss: This novella is the first in a series

My name is Monica. I’m a singer born and raised in Los Angeles.
I’ve stopped dating. When I cut a record, or win a Grammy, maybe then I’ll be with someone, but every man in my past has done everything he could to make me submit myself to him, and it’s gotten in the way of my career. I won’t do it again.

But there’s Jonathan. He owns the high-rise hotel where I work, and he is gorgeous and charming. I refuse to fall in love with him, even though when he asks me to submit to him, I want nothing more.


TeriLyn's thoughts: Jonathan and Monica are quite intriguing. The way they meet, the stages of their courtship – they’re developing an obsession with each other that’s undeniable. Sparks fly between the two that neither has felt before. Mixed with the outside influences and drama in both their lives you’re in for quite a ride with these two. Jonathan Drazen is beyond dreamy. He’s a mysteriously charismatic, witty, charming, funny man. His pension for passion melts right off the pages. And I envy Monica - her life, her attitude, her voice and most especially her Jonathan Drazen. She’s fierce and strong. She’s a woman that can handle what Jonathan Drazen undoubtedly wants to offer her. He sees the spark in her and wants to make it blaze. They're losing control but gaining power all at the same time. The writing in Beg flows seamlessly. There is not frill or fluff but still everything you need to get completely wrapped into these characters. The sex scenes, even the build up to the sex, leave you wanton, imagining vividly as Jonathan describes. C.D. Reiss manages to absorb the reader into her world making you believe in the characters, you’re so enthralled that before you know it the book ends and your left staring at the blank page needing so much more, anticipating what’s going to happen next, and re-living all the events you just read. Beg is a must read!

Lori's thoughts: My review isn't nearly as wordy as TeriLyn's but I will just add that I really enjoyed meeting Monica and Jonathan in book, and look forward to reading more about them, and continuing their story. PS. Thank you TeriLyn for introducing me to this amazing author!

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