Book Review: The Collector

The Collector by John Fowles: Withdrawn, uneducated and unloved, Frederick collects butterflies and takes photographs. Then he captures the art student Miranda and keeps her in the cellar of the large house where he patiently waits for the barriers of class and taste to break down in the limbo of their isolation. She, the creator, desperate for her freedom, tries to understand but cannot banish her contempt for everything anti-life that the collector stands for.

Lori's thoughts: This is an outstanding idea for a novel. I loved the whole idea. The problem with this book, however, was that it was mind-numbingly boring. I admit to scanning through much of Part II. The only reason I'm giving it two heats is because it was a great storyline. A nerdy man who collects butterflies wins the lottery and abducts a woman he's admired from afar, because he's too much of a social outcast to talk to her and get to know her through the normal ways. You know, like over coffee or on Plenty of Fish. :) I would love to re-write it in my own voice or re-read it written by one of my favorite authors of today.

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