Book Review: Inseparable

Inseparable by Bella Chal: "I've loved you since that first day when you saved my life..."

Life has never been easy for Julie. Between working her minimum wage job and living with a mother who never seemed to grow up, she couldn't ever find time to have a relationship of her own. After she meets Jack, a man who seems to have it all, she's surprised to find how miserable a wealthy family man's life can be.

When Jack's wife Sophie chafes at her dull marriage, she files for divorce. Worse, she files for sole custody of their kids, seizes half their assets, and continues to try and make Jack's life miserable. It's only through a new relationship with Julie that he's able to keep it together.

However, when it rains, it pours. Julie has a secret that could tear the budding relationship apart. Jack's great job and standing in the community evaporates underneath him. Will their relationship wither under the combined force of fate and a vengeful ex-wife?

Or can they listen to their hearts and stay the way they truly feel... inseparable?

Lori's thoughts: Overall, this was just okay. I didn't hate it, I didn't love it. There are some glaring issues with the book. One of them being, it might be okay to record someone without their knowledge, but you'd never be able to use it in a court of law. I liked Julie's moxie. I liked Jack for the man he was, and his struggles to be the good guy in the situation, even when he had every reason not to be. The fact that he offered her money for her company the first time they met was a little off-putting for me, also. Then the unprotected sex right out of the gate, yeah, no. Other than the niggling things I didn't like, I did still enjoy the writing and the story line for the most part.

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