Book Review: Black Lies

Black Lies by Alessandra Torre: Brant:
Became a tech billionaire by his twentieth birthday. Has been in a relationship with me for 3 years.
Has proposed 4 times. Been rejected 4 times.

Cuts grass when he’s not banging housewives. Good with his hands, his mouth, and his cock. Has been pursued relentlessly by me for almost 2 years, whether he knows it or not.

Go ahead. Judge me. You have no idea what my love entails.

If you think you’ve heard this story before, trust me – you haven’t.

TeriLyn's thoughts: Black Lies proves to be a hard book to write a review about because I feel as though writing a term paper on these characters is in order or pick apart the plot piece by piece until I’ve successfully written everything I loved about the style. Alas, these things won’t do you any favors because if there has ever been a plot not to spoil, this is the one most important.

Alessandra Torre wrote a phenomenal story. Bottom line. I can’t stop thinking about these characters and their journeys. This book hails as one I can’t imagine any romance reader not liking; an experience in reading unlike any other.

Torre’s writing crashes into you. It’s simplistic rather than flashy yet hits you with the force of a hurricane. She twists your emotions delicately bending you from your own moral compass. She leaves you questioning, pondering the laws of sanity while her story skirts the edge of it dangling from the precipice of her artfully crafted prose. The subtlety of truths exposed so brilliantly in the midst of the lies. Black Lies gives the reader a story that capitalizes on each and every one of our emotions, our fears, our morals, our own lies.

I can’t say much about the characters without spoiling but would feel remiss if I didn’t express my love for this heroine, Layana. A vision of strength and fortitude always, even when she is wrong, even with the lies and deception her emotions hold in check and her strength mixed with her veracity never waiver. How many of us can say that? Can be true to ourselves and to whomever we love with such intensity and determination? This heroine captivated me in the best of ways. Even when I hated her, I really just hated myself for loving her when I wanted to question to her actions – but I couldn’t, never once. This woman is a fighter; a believer. With a faith in love and life wholly untarnished. I believe in Lana. Absolutely.

As romance readers we want relationships with these men, we want to feel this intense love she feels with these men. We want to be stuck in the perpetual danger zone of having everything we want with the innate strength to see it through – through the storm and the chaos - to commit to choices not based on reaction but calculated determination in the faith of what you’re doing being the only right choice you have to make. The simple acts of just knowing, believing, trusting.

This is what romance is all about. Black Lies doesn’t have to be your favorite book of the year, it doesn’t have to be the best book you’ve ever read but trust me – if you love romance – it’s a book you WANT and NEED to read.

It’s a story any romance story junkie should love – the story of soul-deep, crazy love. Peace and serenity in the throes of tragedy and mania. Alessandra Torre pulled this off with such intelligence, with the understanding of giving readers a total package of romance. It’s as if she’s tapped into the female brain or just innately understands basic human love in its purest form can be turbulent, deceitful and torturous but the power of that love trumps any other feeling. Whichever or whatever it is I’m extremely grateful for because she blew my mind with the execution of this poetic, passionate story of the twisted souls within us all revealing hidden desires and truths throughout the whole journey.

BRA-freaking-VO, Alessandra Torre. Bravo.

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