Book Review: Broken: A Memoir of Sorts

Broken: A Memoir of Sorts by Nikki Blue: When most girls her age attended southern socials to learn proper etiquette and grace, Nikki Seay skipped school, drank booze, and discovered her sexuality. She was a rule-breaker, risk-taker, and unapologetic about it all.

In a chance encounter, she caught the attention of the wickedly compelling, town bad boy. Their connection was instant; intense.

From deep within her, he drew out desires she didn't know she had; needs she didn't understand. She trusted him, his promises, and she willingly gave him power over her, but he stopped giving it back. He kept her gift and greedily took more, using it to control her, manipulate her, and hurt her.

*Mature readers only. Trigger warning - contains physical abuse.

Nicole's thoughts: I had to take a long pause after reading this book. It is disturbing on many, many levels. It hooked me from the beginning and I could not put it down. Searching for a happy ending maybe, or a point of redemption that was not to be found. I found myself yelling at the book and at Nikki to wake up and do the right thing, to run, to flee and get the hell out of there. The struggle and the sickness within that struggle were very accurately written and portrayed. I think that what bothered me most about this was that it was very easy to follow Nikki's thinking and excuses for allowing the abuse to continue, and I did not like that I found myself justifying bad choices just as she did. This one will haunt me for awhile.

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