Book Review: The Captured Heart

The Captured Heart by Beverly Rae: A chance to win money. A chance to find love. But only one can be claimed.

Dear Ms. Pierce,

This is your opportunity to fulfill all your dreams.
Do you yearn to capture a man’s heart and have him capture yours? Do you dare to find a man who will treat you to your deepest desires, awaken your heart, and claim you for his own? Are you strong enough to find an extraordinary man?
If so, read on…

Erin Pierce and her two closest girlfriends seek adventure and love. After each receives an invitation to enter The Claiming Games, they travel to Fang’s Bar and Grill, ready to take on the challenge of a lifetime. When they arrive, they’re greeted by the amazing, sexy men of The Kings of Beasts MC. But these men have a dark side. They’re bad boys with fangs and claws.

If Erin survives the games, she has a choice to make. Claim $250,000 in prize money or the man of her dreams. But Erin doesn’t believe in dreams coming true. She has a terrible secret, one she believes will send a man running, destroying any chance at love.

When Erin meets Colter Quaid, she has no idea that his secret is just as shocking as her own. Can they forget their terrible pasts? Or will Erin survive the challenge only to lose her future?

Enter The Claiming Games and find out.

Watch for THE CAGED HEART (The Claiming Games 2) coming in September 2014.

PLEASE NOTE: This work contains graphic sexual situations and language and is intended for readers 18 years and older. All characters are over the age of 18.

Nicole's thoughts: What a cool book! This one is a bit left of center, but truly an enjoyable read. I feel a bit naughty saying this, but it has a Twilight vibe to it...but better. The flaws Erin has feel genuine and the struggles she has are easy to relate to. Colton is sexy as hell and the fact he knows what he wants and does not waiver makes him even hotter! The twist is well done and though it's very unusual it is also quite sensual. I would definitely recommend this one!!

Tina's thoughts: This is a book for one looking for that night in shining armor. The heroine in the story, Erin was plagued by darkness and suffered a bad break up as the story begins. I felt she was a troubled soul and needed someone to pick her up, of course that is where Colter comes in.

I did enjoy the romance of it and the sex was steamy, but I felt Erin was a little to dark for my taste. I really did like Colter though, he was close to perfect. Over all not a bad read.

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