Book Review: #Forfeit

#Forfeit by Caroline Batten: Getting divorced at twenty-five sucks

Teaching over-confident rich kids instead of designing handbags for Mulberry sucks. In fact, every single aspect of Daisy Fitzgerald’s life is one big…

Enter Xander, a veritable Knight-in-Shining-Cricket-Pads, who knocks her off her wedge heels and into his world of It-girls, players and Michelin stars.

Buoyed up on cocktails & escapism
Daisy agrees to play Forfeit, the ultimate game of dares, where a simple kiss sparks her relationship with Xander. But £25,000 is up for grabs and the game's called Forfeit for good reason.

Blackmail • Betrayal • Revenge
Move over Gatsby, there's a new bunch of bored young things in town.

Toni's thoughts: I completely fell in love with this book. Once I read the blurb for this book I couldn't wait to get my hands on it and wow did she deliver. I loved every twist and turn that this book took and I loved how twisted and real it was. It is so refreshing to read a real love story that isn't all sunshine and rainbows. I also loved everything the characters went through and the different things they did. The author gave you the raw and gritty characters that were so far from perfect and she made you fall in love with all of them even the misunderstood James. I would suggest this book to anyone if you couldn't tell from my gushing. I would definitely be interested in playing a game of forfeit ( if it did exist).

Nicole's thoughts: I wanted to love this book, I really did. The reality though, is that I really don't. What I found difficult is that all of the primary characters are morally corrupt and as a result I didn't particularly like any of them or care what happened to them. Now, I love dark and twisted characters. I love the flawed people the most in the majority of books I read, however this group was just not likable. Daisy was unbelievably selfish and Xander was hot, yes, but completely and utterly deceitful. I was confused by the game and found it rather funny that such dishonest people were left to be "trusted" that they completed the dares.

The concept of the book was pretty original, and I did enjoy that. I certainly didn't have any idea where this was going to end up. I was on the edge of my seat wondering who was behind the game. I just wish I could have found a connection to Xander and Daisy!

Not a bad read at all, but not one I would put on my must read list.

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