Book Review: Silent Whisper

Silent Whisper (Limbo #1) by Andrea Smith: Parrish Locke is 27 years old, a successful model with a gorgeous boyfriend, and a loft in Manhattan. Little does she know that during a photo shoot in Chester, West Virginia, an unfortunate car accident will change her life . . . forever. Parrish discovers she's gifted in a very special way, and thus begins a suspense-filled journey that unravels secrets and mysteries from the past. Once her journey ends, it is just the beginning for Parrish, because only she holds the key that will bridge the past to the present, and allow wrongs to be righted from beyond. From mafia capos, to steamy romance,to solving the unsolved, her journey is one that provides the blueprint for her future--one she never imagined possible.

Lori's thoughts: I chose to read this book because the blurb sounded really intriguing. I wasn't disappointed! I kept turning pages to see what happened next. The only teensy thing that bugged me was the time frame of the story. Most of the book is about Parrish's past. The story from the past seemed like it should have taken place in the roaring twenties, maybe. At least in my opinion. It would have been a perfect story from the prohibition era. And maybe the relationship between Parrish and the ghostly past could have been grandmother/granddaughter. Other than that, I was really engrossed in the storyline and look forward to future books in the series.

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