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A Broken Us by Amy Daws: Finley and Brody live in their own little bubble of “us.” Instead of, “I love you,” they say, “I love us.” It’s their own perfect endearment to each other. Finley’s quirky ways are the perfect contrast to Brody’s scandalously sexy passion.

But Finley’s picture-perfect world gets pummeled when she gets a hard dose of reality from her doctor that changes everything.

Crippled with the fear of Brody’s reaction, Finley does what she does best—she runs. She breaks his heart and leaves behind a life that is just too painful to live.

One international flight later, Finley’s best friend welcomes her with open arms in London and she is immersed in a new country with new experiences and eccentric roommates.

Nursing a broken heart, Finley grieves for the life she left behind and attempts to embrace the new one she is creating. When a cheeky Brit named Liam, a self proclaimed “fixer” catches her eye, she hopes it’s exactly what she needs to forget. But when Liam wants to help Finley unpack her bags for good, she realizes that her heart is still back home…with Brody.

Jennifer's thoughts: I received this book in exchange for an honest review

A Broken Us is the story of Finley and Brody. In the beginning of the story--Finley learned some terrible news. She decided to pack up and leave. This meant leaving Brody.

I spent most of the story (especially the beginning) feeling sorry for Brody. I think Finley could have handled things a bit different. She comes across as a little selfish. She wasn't my favorite character, but I didn't dislike her.

I did like the story and felt that Amy Daws did an excellent job telling Finley's and Brody's story. Good Job and great writing.

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