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Wasted (Whiskey Nights #1) by Suzannah Daniels: WASTED is a new adult, contemporary romance recommended for adult readers due to mature content.

It all started with sex on the beach…the drink, not…you know.

As a bartender, Mason Cambridge often charmed beautiful women who ordered up cocktails on his shift. It was part of his job after all, and he needed the tips—badly.

When Lexi Swafford plopped her pretty little tail down on the bar stool, Mason offered her a drink. He had no idea that he would soon be working with her or that he’d be letting her room with him until her new apartment was ready.

In fact, once Lexi Swafford landed in Creekview, Tennessee, life as Mason Cambridge knew it would cease to exist…because after a night of drinking away the agony of his loneliness, one touch from her would change everything.

TeriLyn's thoughts: **Wasted generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.**

Having never read a title by this author before I hadn’t known what to expect from her stories when I signed up to read Wasted. The blurb certainly intrigued me and the cover is beyond hot. After reading the tangled, twisty, fun, love story of Mason Cambridge and Lexi Swafford I can officially say Suzannah Daniels lured me into her both intriguing and hot world of Whiskey Nights.

A contemporary, new adult story with compelling characters and easy prose compromises the pages of Wasted. Humor weaves through the story perfectly. A bit angst leaves us on the edge of our seats with Mason and Lexi. Witty, catching dialogue flows evenly throughout. And a secondary cast that captures our attention as much as the main characters.

Mason Cambridge breaks readers hearts with his fragile emotions escaping from a past that’s left him scarred. He’s a charmer, a no-strings-attached bad boy with a penchant for booze. He’s enigmatic and alluring to Lexi Swafford – the put together yet discovering herself young woman. Mason is as alluring to the reader as he is to Lexi. He's haunted by something and Lexi makes it her mission to not only find out what but to help him fix the hurt. She’s the kind of girl who’s up front about her expectations. Lexi’s not judgmental but she also doesn’t pretend to be something she’s not. The two of them light fires in each other setting off sparks that were quite fun to read.

The story didn’t get a full five stars from me because although I sat down in one sitting to read it (due to length and being properly absorbed in the story) there were times I found it a bit predictable and assuming. Mason and Lexi both hide secrets from each other, hers more obvious than his. There were times I thought to myself, Lexi in particular, why aren’t they more forthcoming? It added to the angst and suspense of the secrets only for a certain length of the story. As the conflict arises and the resolution stems from those secrets I found myself pleasantly placated. Although I do wish we got more of an epilogue with these two, I'm hopeful we'll see some progression of their future with the next books in the series through the eyes of the secondary characters.

If you’re in the mood for new adult love between two funny, witty characters with secrets this is the story for you. Suzannah Daniels wrote an engaging story with Wasted. I’m intrigued and interested in the lives of the secondary characters as well and very much look forward to the Hawk’s story in book two of the Whisky Nights series.

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