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Breaker by Lori L. Clark: Seventeen-year-old overweight Molly Hatfield's killer voice earned her a spot in her high school's prestigious Glam Club. Every night she performs her solo at the end of the show. Just once, she wants top billing. Fat chance. Everyone knows it ain't over till the fat lady sings.

When her mother dies, her father insists she spend the summer on Breaker Beach with relatives as usual. But it just isn't the same without her mom and now she's convinced her best friends Preston and Abi are hooking up back home. Why should she care? She's the one who told him it would never work between them. He's too young and she's too...big.

When Molly is diagnosed and treated for an underactive thyroid, the pounds start to melt away along with some of her self-loathing. So when someone enters her in the vocal competition she decides to compete in memory of her mom. What she doesn't count on is Abi and Preston flying in together to surprise her before the show.

Breaker is a PG rated Young Adult Romance.

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