Book Reveiw: Believing Lies

Believing Lies by Rachel Everleigh: Sienna Trudeau is only months away from getting married and starting her senior year of college. In her eyes, everything is going perfectly—until she discovers she’s wrong.

Broken hearted and betrayed, she moves in with her cousin, Sophie. Sienna isn’t ready for another relationship. But she can’t deny the attraction she feels towards Adam Korbell.

Sienna desperately fights her growing feelings for the cocky, sexy, tattooed guy who’s only interested in meaningless sex. Meanwhile, Adam attempts to resist the allure of the feisty blonde who has no intention of becoming his next one-night stand . . . But love and fate have a sneaky way of breaking down even the best defenses.

Sienna has a secret she’s not ready to reveal. What she doesn’t know is the price of her hesitation.

A string of misunderstandings that tear them apart.
Deceptions and betrayals that cut too deep.
A vicious lie that even the truth may never fix.


Believing Lies by Rachel Everleigh turned into the most delightful surprise of my weekend. When asked if I’d be interested in reviewing this book the cover and blurb immediately drew me to the book. Upon starting the story, I got slightly worried this was going to be another typical bad boy falls in love with good girl story. My worries were confirmed because Adam certainly is a bad boy and Sienna certainly is a good girl. However, I found Everleigh’s easy first person prose, stellar writing, and nuanced new adult story to have some surprises I didn’t seem coming, some angst I thoroughly enjoyed, and some sweet and funny moments for all of her characters.

Adam and Sienna’s story starts off with a witty first encounter providing the catalyst for a witty, fun, and flirty friendship. Their immediate attraction palpates right off the pages and the reader can’t deny their chemistry. Sienna’s not in a position to progress anything romantic with Adam while he struggles to identify the intense feelings he gets when she’s around. Their friendship fills the reader with quick wit and banter, playful fighting, and some intense moments calling into the question their motives. Sparks eventually fly and the author maintains the same charisma and charm from the both of them. However, love isn’t easy for Adam and Sienna. They’ve both been burned by their pasts forcing each of them to be very quick to jump to conclusions about the other. Their trust and loyalty constantly questioned.

While reading, a few instances arose where I began skimming through because Sienna’s inner monologues became a bit daunting and forced. Back and forth she went making assumptions based on nothing it turns out only ending burning them in the end. The choices each of them makes, the secrets, the hasty reactions all felt natural to me. Quick assumptions are a part of life and I completely related to the characters on that front. However, the heroine’s stubborn demeanor and automatic reflex to run first without asking questions became too much for me at times that I wanted to shake her rather than sympathize with her. The angst of the book became a prerogative of the heroine rather than the reader to me a few times. Although I enjoyed the angst I felt her monologues could have been reduced and the effectiveness of the angst to the reader still present. In contrast though, there wasn't a lot of delving into the characters pasts besides the honestly they both gave each other about them. I enjoyed that they didn't come from these really dark places and each had some good. I’d be remiss not to mention the extraordinary cast of secondary characters. Adam and Sienna have a great group of friends. Sophie provides excellent comedic commentary and Connor is a typical guy’s best friend at the most important times. Sienna’s ex provides great angst as well as her Mother.

For a debut novel, I’m beyond impressed with Believing Lies. Rachel Everleigh wrote an entertaining, angsty, fun New Adult novel. Nothing from the characters felt abnormal. Their reactions were not unusual so the angst was real. It was the moving on from the angst that got me. However, it definitely did not detract from my overall appreciation of this author’s writing and structured story. Her ability to engage her audience and draw readers into the book excelled. She certainly knows how to provide a well-rounded story with humor, passion, sadness, and joy expertly woven throughout. And a totally swoon-worthy epilogue, which always leaves me reeling. I’m so excited to have read Believing Lies and to have met Adam and Sienna. Their story provided me a Sunday full of great reading. I definitely look forward to more from this great new author.

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