Book Review: Bone Deep

Bone Deep by Bonnie Dee: In the fall of 1946, grieving war widow Sarah goes to the carnival with her friends and is riveted by the tattooed man in the freak show, sporting head to toe body art. Later she discovers him hiding in her hayloft, escaped from virtual imprisonment since childhood by the carnival's evil owner. She shelters him on her farm, fighting a powerful sexual attraction while learning about his mysterious past and gentle nature. When a local child goes missing, Tom uses his psychic gifts to locate her, but his assistance in the case doesn't allay the town's mistrust of such an exotic stranger in their midst. Small-town prejudice tears the lovers apart and a very real threat from carnival owner Art Reed endangers them. Can they rise above obstacles of fear and hate to create the family both have always craved?

Lori's thoughts: I devoured this book in a matter of hours. I really loved the characters. Sarah and Tom were perfectly flawed. Sarah, an outsider in her own right in a small town filled with a few small minded people. And poor Tom. Made into a freak side show at the carnival for profit. Covered from head to toe in tattoos, made to sit and have people stare at him, day in and day out. Sweet, gentle Tom. Tom and Sarah collide in an unexpected, yet completely beautiful way. The passion, the desire, and to hell with what people think!

Lately, I've had a fascination with the carnival, the circus, and the people who work there. This book did not disappoint me at all and I look forward to reading more things by Bonnie Dee.

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