Book Review: Come Here, Go Away

The fifth, and final, book in the series releases January 30th. Here are the reviews for the first four!

Book One:

TeriLyn's thoughts:

**Come Here, Go Away (Part One) generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.**

4 Challenging Stars

This novella series starts off with the residual affects from a literal bang, or rather two bangs. Ambrose and Tori, both accused and acquitted of murder, meet under working relationship circumstances. Their first meeting is charged with raw intensity Tori finds hard to understand as the feelings are new to her. She's a woman tempted by danger it seems and Ambrose peaks her curiosity. It never fails I enjoy the quick-witted, humorous, no non-sense personalities of Clark's heroines. Ambrose, an arrogant and innately sensual man hires Tori to train his daughter in self-defense but seems taken with Tori even though he's shrouded in a cloud of mystery.

We learn the diluted, violent pasts of each character as the story moves forward garnering interest from the reader. Moving quickly from beginning to end, the plot sets up for something big to happen then leaves us hanging at the end.

Book Two:

TeriLyn's thoughts:

**Come Here, Go Away (Part Two) generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.**

4 Tempting Stars

Part Two continues where part one left us previously. The strange attraction between these two characters grows as questions are answered and trust is established from Tori to Ambrose. The energy between these two is palpable as the push/pull of their relationship strengthens.

There are many questions left in Part Two in need of answers with so much mystery surrounding the seemingly rich and powerful Ambrose - Tori seems to have put herself in the danger zone. Clark does a great job here of drawing us into the characters once again to deliver an ending with shock value and more questions.

Book Three:

TeriLyn's thoughts:

**Come Here, Go Away (Part Three) generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.**

5 Trapped Stars

Once again the serial starts where the last left off and opens in a big way. Tori's character suspects Ambrose of wrong doing just as the reader is questioning his credibility to Tori. The suspense of the actions that take place here leaves you breathless. Ms. Clark makes us trust easily in what Tori is feeling and her instincts rather than making assumptions.

Tori's relationship with Rose grows substantially in Part Three making Tori even more likable to the reader. This part ends in the best cliffhanger yet as we're left wondering "Who's done it?" and "How will Tori survive this latest attempt on her life?".

Ms. Clark's writing vividly depicts the action of the story, ebbing and flowing with the ups and downs of the story structure. These books are easy, quick reads full of suspense and heat.

Book Four:

TeriLyn's thoughts:

**Come Here, Go Away (Part Four) generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.**

5 Questioning Stars

So, Part Four.... I don't even know what to say because I have so many questions! A lot goes in Part Four where we're left wondering about the suspense of Tori's life. How much more can she take? Will Rose be able to handle what's happening to her? I love the relationship that's taken root between Rose and Tori even as the horrors of their lives unfold. And Ambrose! The reader goes back and forth with this guy just as much as Tori wondering what his role is in the plot of the story and how much involvement he really has yet we trust him at the same time. Lots of emotions, lots of suspense, and lots of fun in this installment.

As I've stated before, this series is continually moving forward. The author does a great job making the plot move with the action and suspense leaving you hooked. The serials are relatively short, I read all four in one evening. And while part four ends in another cliffhanger, it's not as cliffie as the rest but I still can't wait for book five to see the conclusion. If you're looking for something short, suspenseful, and fast to read this is your series!

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