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In Deeper (In Deep #2) by Kella McKinnon: In Deeper is part 2 of the In Deep series. It continues right where book 1 left off.

Criss has broken up with Brie again. He is so back and forth I think my neck hurts. Criss is gorgeous and very in love with Brie but he just can’t see that he is worthy of her love.

Brie does everything she can to show Criss how much she loves him and that he can trust her. She is almost had enough of his indecision though.

With everyone in danger, Criss does what he thinks he needs to do to keep everyone safe; including making a decision for without Brie knowing that will change her life forever.

TeriLyn's thoughts: **In Deeper generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.**

In Deeper, much like the first book of this series, proved a bit hard for me to review. In the end it just didn’t live up to expectation with how enthralled I was with book one. Essentially I enjoyed how the characters ended up in the end but the means by which they go there just went wrong somewhere for me.

Elements of this story really drew me to the characters. An alpha, player, damaged male meets the head strong female he can’t get out of his mind from which an inferno begins to burn. Something quite alluring held me captive with these two characters. I liked their fire, their will, their restraint, and their freedom together as a unit. It’s something neither of them expected nor wanted to fully accept. The relationship develops even more quickly in book two making the plot a bit farfetched and wonky for my tastes. While the characters I found most intriguing, even the decisions I didn’t agree with, the plot working beneath their personas didn’t always work for me. Events took place I didn’t follow or see the importance of while I just couldn’t believe some of the others. Acts of pure desperation I understand but didn’t feel the honesty in the desperation. If you know what I mean in the difference.

The writing kept me rooting for these two though even while it got a bit choppy in some of the dialogue. Reading from both the hero and heroine’s points of view gave us a deeper look into the two of them, I think that’s why I wasn’t totally appalled because we got to read some of the motivations. If you like alpha males, a lot of passion, and a super crazy ride to the HEA – In Deeper will work for you.

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