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Six Days: Book One in the SIX Series by Randileigh Kennedy: In an effort to disappear from the disappointing life she was living, Addie packed up her car in the middle of the night. She began driving, aimlessly, in search of a new life away from everyone and everything she'd ever known. Unsure of what she was even looking for, one brief stranger encounter opened her up to a new world. And better than that, one small, simple dare held the possibility of changing the only life she had ever known.

Julie's thoughts: I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

“Six days” is the first book in the Six series by Randileigh Kennedy. This appears to be Ms. Kennedy’s first published book. The second book, “Six Rules”, is already published as well. I believe the series will follow the six friends found in this first book…at least I really hope so, because I really liked them all, in different ways.

“Six Days” is the story of Adelaide, a young woman in her mid-twenties who is running from a sad, lonely life of being orphaned at a young age and growing up in foster homes and a boarding school for homeless children. While attending college, she gets involved with a guy who ends up being verbally and physically abusive. (This is only a small part of the story, and it isn’t described in detail, so don’t worry. This story is a pretty light, easy read for the most part.) Once she leaves town to get away from the horrible guy, she makes some great friends, one of which is the sweet, sexy Griffin.

I really enjoyed this story. I loved the interactions between Addie and Griffin as well as all of the friends (who have been together since high school). They are always there for each other and go on an annual camping trip, which sounds like so much fun, even though I hate camping. I don’t want to say too much and spoil anything, but I really enjoyed all the characters and will definitely read the rest of the series.

I would recommend this book for those who enjoy contemporary romance without sexy scenes. This is a clean, good paced story with only a little drama. There is good tension and build up to intimacy, but nothing is described. Although the story definitely ends so that you know there is more of Addie and Griffin’s story to come in future books, there isn’t a cliffhanger. Ms. Kennedy said all books will standalone but would probably be more enjoyable read in order. I agree with that based off of the ending of this book.

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