Book Review: Hands Off! The 100 Day Agreement

Hands Off! The 100 Day Agreement by Candy J. Starr: One hundred days without sex? Is that even possible?

When I got offered an exchange to the Italian art school of my dreams, I nearly cried. I could barely afford college expenses at home let alone in a foreign country but it’d break my heart to knock them back. Then my rich and uptight grandmother called with her offer.

If I stopped screwing around, she'd foot the bill. So I agreed. I figured she didn't really care about my sex life, she just wanted me to keep my partying off the radar.

I was so wrong.

The sexy but annoying Chad moved into my apartment to keep me under surveillance. Why wasn't Chad dying to get into my pants like every other guy I've met? He had secrets and he wanted me to fail.

One hundred days is a helluva long time to avoid temptation – even longer when Chad becomes the temptation.

Julie's thoughts: I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

Hands Off! The 100 Day Agreement by Candy Starr is a reverse of many of the stories out lately. In this story, the heroine is the "bad girl", sleeping with just about any willing guy, and the hero is the good guy. The story is told from the heroine's point of view.

This is a fast read. It's very predictable, but still enjoyable. In the beginning, the voice of the heroine made me laugh, but I have to admit, I was ready for her to grow up long before she actually did. The biggest thing I felt missing from this story was the payoff. I would have liked more of the characters after they finally get together.

I would recommend this for anyone looking for an easy, light romance. Although I would classify this as NA, for a story entirely about sex, there's very little of it. It's talked about a lot, but not happening much. As someone who loves YA, I'm not one who requires sexual situations; however, I felt this book was lacking in not giving the reader a payoff scene due to the fact that sex was the entire driving factor of the story. In my opinion, the book is definitely not appropriate for YA, but I felt it was a little lacking for NA. Overall, it was enjoyable, though.

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