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Title: Broken Series
Author: Maegan Abel
Book Blitz: March 23 – 25, 2015
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Perfectly Broken (Book One)


Perfectly Broken Cover


 Zane Tishler moved in with his brother after his nightmare divorce to find that his brother had taken in a “stray”, a punk chick with a bad attitude. Liliosa Cortez found a place to start over in a city built for hiding. But when her roommate’s brother moved in she pegged him for a pretty boy with enough baggage to fill a semi and major hostility toward women. But now, after two years, Lili and Zane have become best friends and the perfect “wingmen.” They’ve developed a system for tagging and bagging tourists. No strings attached. They are partners in crime who have managed to have the time of their lives in the City of Sin.
Life would be perfect if they could keep it this way, but a new player in the game makes both Lili and Zane face the feelings they had not been prepared to notice. What happens when dangerous shadows from a forgotten past find their way into the neon spotlights? What happens when the fuse is lit on all those emotions they have deeply buried?
Can they survive the explosion or will the backlash tear them and everyone they love apart?
When two pasts become one present in the searing Nevada heat…
When two realities collide under the lights of Vegas…
When two lives are threatened due to secrets and lies…
What do you do when you find out your perfect world is Perfectly Broken?

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Lori's thoughts: A friend loaned this to me after she started reading it and found she couldn't put it down. I really liked it a lot and look forward to the next book in the series. There are still so many secrets left to uncover. Like why Lili doesn't dance anymore. Who is Lili hiding from? Etc. In spite of him being a player, I really was rooting for Zane and Lili to get together. This book was a quiet surprise. A sleeper. I recommend you read it if you like edge of your seat action and suspense with a love story on the side. The characters were so real, I could picture them in my head while reading about them. Great book!

Unforgivable Broken Cover

It took a near-tragedy for Zane and Lili to admit their feelings for one another. If they could survive that explosion, wading through the debris left behind should be a breeze, right?
Lili has spent years hiding from her past. Now, she's being forced to admit her mistakes and make a decision. Can she conquer her demons head-on, or will she remain by Zane's side while he fights his own?
Zane learned early in life that charm and deception are easier than hard truths. Sometimes, old habits die hard. When his past mistakes start making continuous reappearances, he is faced with some of the most crucial decisions he's ever made.
When you have secrets, they can rip ragged holes in the ties that bind even the strongest relationships.
What do you do when you realize you're unforgivably broken?

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Toni's thoughts: Maegan has once again spun a beautifully tragic novel that many people can relate to in one way or another.  I was waiting not so patiently to get my hands on this book after I finished the first one. I love the dynamic with all of the characters in these books. I'm so glad she answered some of the questions that were left from the first book and didn't drag them out till the end of the 3rd book. I love that you cant ever really know whats going to happen next in the book and that it keeps you on your toes to the very end. Then your left thinking that some pages must have been torn out of your copy since there is no way that the book ended that way. I was a bit irritated at times that Zane still seemed to be making the same bad choices when it came to his ex and it felt like he was putting his ex's feelings above Lili's but I completely agree with the way she wrote it because it felt like real life. Now I am back to finding myself waiting (not so patiently) to read the final book in the series.

Broken Holidays (Book two and half)


Broken holidays Cover

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Toni's thoughts: I just want to start off by saying that I never ever pick up a novella that is part of a series of novels. I was always let down that they never really gave you very much and they could never suck you in because they went by to quickly. Wow I am so glad that I was given the opportunity to read this book and that I took the chance on it. I was absolutely blown away by this book. Hearing the background story and getting more of Lili and Zane was more than I could have imagined when I first picked up this book. Great novella that I would recommend to all to read.

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Maegan Abel Author

Maegan despises writing about herself in the third person. She also hates touting her accomplishments like she thinks she’s really done anything special…
Now that we got that out of the way, I’ll tell you what you need to know. I was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I went back to school in my late twenties and studied Stage Production Technology. I now work full-time in the alterations shop of a major department store and part-time backstage in the various theatres around the area.
I’ve been an avid reader from a very young age and the top goal on my list of things to accomplish in my life was to write and publish a book. During the summer of 2013, while working backstage on The Lion King, I read eleven books in four weeks. I read my first New Adult book and was introduced to a genre I felt I could totally relate to. The idea for Perfectly Broken and the character of Lili was born backstage during that time.

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