Book Review: Reft

by Libby Austin

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. ~
Newton’s Third Law of Motion

Brandon “Brand” Carmichael’s life was the stuff dreams were made of…too bad it was an illusion. As a guitarist for Inert Motion, Brand traveled the world, performing with his brothers in all but blood. He never stopped moving all the while his mind played in a never ending loop. Now outside influences have changed the band’s course, leaving Brand’s life void of the balance he craved. Once again, his dream had become a recurring nightmare. Brand coped the only way he knew how; retreat into solitude.

Magdalena “Layna” Delacroix had achieved the long sought goal of her Ph.D. in Psychology, but success came at a high cost: over one hundred thousand dollars in debt. After being presented with the opportunity to fulfill her desire to help someone in the aftermath of tragedy, along with earning enough money to clear her debt and start a psychology practice of her own, Layna had to balance the means against the outcome. Could she be the force to stop the downward spiral of someone who refused to seek help?

Neither Brand nor Layna expected the reaction they had to one another. It was the opposite of everything they sought.

Could Layna live a lie while pushing Brand to live in the truth?

Would Brand forgive her for committing one unforgivable sin?

Or was he branded by destiny to be...


TeriLyn's thoughts: **Reft generously provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.**

After noticing this book cover on Netgalley and reading the blurb I was quite intrigued. I'm glad I requested the title and have read. It wasn't a favorite for me but I enjoyed the time I spent reading Reft.

The plot of this story is very unique, told solely from the point of view of the hero, Brandon Carmichael. I loved this aspect, being inside Brandon's head was a total experience. He's a damaged soul hiding his pain and his true self from the world. Solitude amongst chaos he prefers rather than chaos in his personal life. The detailed writing of his thoughts lent itself as a more cryptic plot device giving clues throughout about what might have happened to Brand but never revealing the whole truth to the reader. This proved intriguing and kept me glued to the pages.

The heroine of Reft, Layna, proves to be seemingly predictable to the plot. I had her figured out almost straight away but I enjoyed her just as well. Her ways of handling Brand and his quirks, her love of good banter, or just how she treats silent moments proved to be really great moments in the book. And there were a lot of really great moments between the two to make this enjoyable. Brand's band mates were great additions as secondary characters as well lending some humor to the book and also a nice glimpse in the stability and love Brand has in his life.

Everything added up to a story I'm glad I read one which held my attention and intrigued me. I thought the conflict came rather quick and the result of that conflict resolved the story. I thought there were some clues left throughout that didn't quite add up in the end, maybe that was purposeful I'm not sure. And the ending underwhelmed me a bit. I was hoping for a bit ... more, from Layna especially. But overall I enjoyed and think anyone interested in a unique, contemporary romance would get an enjoyable read from Reft.

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