Book Review: Saving Toby

Saving Toby (Toby & Claudia #1)
by Suzanne McKenna

Loving someone through their hard fall from grace takes a lot of grit.

Hired on as a caretaker to the ailing Mrs. Faye, Claudia Chiatmetti is drawn into the lives of the widow and her son — a world where sadness lingers and old wounds run deep. Empathetic to the family's plight, Claudia is powerless against the emerging feelings she has for the unruly Toby Faye. Up close, Toby’s blue-grey eyes expose a need she cannot ignore. His dark past will test her fortitude and expose her to danger. Does Claudia have the grit to love Toby through it?

Saving Toby is a powerful and moving debut novel set on the south shore of Long Island. It is the first book of a two-part story that follows the emotional and inspirational tale of a young couple's journey to find themselves.
*Contains strong language and explicit scenes.

Lori's thoughts: **Received complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.**

This was different from the cookie-cutter type good girl meets bad boy romance, which I am sick of, frankly. Claudia is a good girl, yes. But she is a strong woman and knows what she wants in spite of what everyone else wants for her. She thinks for herself and does what she thinks is the right thing to do. Toby is a bad boy, yes. But he's got his own issues and they don't magically go away over night. He's aware of the problems and he does something so few bad boys do in fiction ... he seeks professional help so that he can get his life on the right track. This was refreshing for me. He doesn't promise to be a better person and then transform into one with the help of Claudia. He does it for her and because he knows inside that it is the right thing for him to do.

The side characters are also well-written and true to life. I didn't give Saving Toby five stars simply because there were a few things that Claudia said or did, or ways she reacted that seemed a bit "off" to me. But, by no means, did that mean I didn't fully enjoy reading the book -- because I did, and think you should read it too!

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