Book Review: Find Me in Manhattan

Find Me in Manhattan
by Shealy James

She wants freedom from life on the farm.
He wants to forget a life-changing tragedy.
She’s a student desperate to be taken seriously.
He’s a veteran trying to go back to ordinary.
She falls in love easily.
He finds it hard to feel at all.
A chance encounter.
A mirage.
A dream.
He tries to rescues her.
She wants to save herself.
It takes danger to bring them together…
…and fear to tear them apart.

Can they find love in a city known for heartbreak?

TeriLyn's thoughts: **Find Me in Manhattan generously provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.**

This story was my first by Shealy James. The cover and blurb on Netgalley intrigued me so I thought I'd take a chance on something new. I'm not disappointed that I did but the book turned out just okay for me.

The writing easily took me along for the ride of Michael Pearson and Sarah Grant as Find Me in Manhattan tells the story from both of their points of view. Progressing through the story I always found the plot intriguing in how it set up the main characters and built camaraderie between each of them and friends. The love story between the two went very slow for me. The couple doesn't even really speak to each other until pretty far into the book then a friendship is explored before mutual feelings are discussed.

I didn't like a particular aspect of the book regarding Sarah being examined so intensely in the beginning. I liked that she had something to be fearful of and how it set up Michael up as her self-proclaimed protector but I thought it should have been as more of an after thought. Sarah was much too dismissive in her stand to protect

This author treats the important issue of PTSD with great delicacy in this book. Those aspects of this story and of Michael's journey I found to be top notch. There was no doubt she has an intimate knowledge of the circumstances soldiers face when they return from war and I very much appreciated her writing of this issue.

The ending didn't provide me a lot of satisfaction either. The resolution of the conflict was quite drawn out and the ending much too abrupt. I'm not all together disappointed I read this book, I just didn't love it.

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