Book Review: Arrow of Time

Arrow of Time (Marauders #1)
by Lina Andersson

After traveling around the world for six years, both running from her past and seeking her future, Edie Yates is back in Greenville, Arizona to reconnect with her older sister, Melanie. While Edie was away, Melanie married Brick Baxter, president of the Marauder Riders MC, and found a real family, the likes of which neither Melanie nor Edie had ever known. Now Melanie wants Edie to know the love and security of that family.

And she does. In the Marauders, Edie finds brothers, nieces and nephews, even a surrogate father or two. She begins to settle in, though she still struggles with her past.

And she finds Dawg, who earns his road name regularly. He loves women, and they love him. Edie knows he’s bad news, and she tells him she’s not interested. But he’s funny and charming, and she enjoys his company.

Dawg knows he isn’t boyfriend material. He doesn’t want to be boyfriend material. He likes being a dawg. And he’s far too smart to hit on his president’s sister-in-law. But she’s interesting. She’s had a life, been everywhere. He enjoys talking with her. When she makes it clear that she’s not interested, and he makes it clear that he’s not stupid, they begin to forge a friendship.

They become close—real friends.

TeriLyn's thoughts: Lina Andersson wrote an excellent MC book in Arrow of Time. This book reflects MC culture and ideals while emphasizing the point of family within the Greenville Arizona Marauders Chapter. In my reading experience of this genre, I thought the author really nailed her interpretation of club politics. Her writing style was something totally new to me. Edie, the female lead, tells her story through first person while the rest of the characters are told in 3rd person. It was a really interesting way to read, like a full circle of views, and written well so I was never lost or confused.

The love story within the pages of Arrow of Time proved to be a slow burn kind of love with a friends to lovers'esque relationship. I'm glad we were inside of Edie's head throughout the book. Her POV helped me understand what she's went through and how she deals emotionally. Her inner thoughts on the family she's gaining and the experiences she's had in her life kept me glued to the pages. Dawg, our hero, is another one of a kind biker. Of course, he shares many similarities to most bikers but his charm, charisma, humor, and compassion are owned by him and make him uniquely Dawg. Together they embark on a relationship new to both of them and the journey was a pleasure to read.

The rest of these characters I adored just as much. Aside from the love story of Edie and Dawg, the reader witnesses Edie forming relationships with her sister, brother in law, their children, and other Marauder brothers. In addition, we get a birds eye view of the inner workings of the Marauders MC and the most prominent brothers leading the club. I must mention that Brick, Marauders MC president, and Vasco, club member, were two of my most favorite characters. The quiet charm, the sage advice, the understanding and compassion for Edie stands out as a major highlight of this book. They break down seemingly complex issues very simply and make no excuses for themselves, their club, their values, or their families. Like all biker romances they own their moral code to the fullest extent and I LOVE everything about it.

This book is about moving forward. It's about acceptance. It's about dealing with issues in the past in a way you see fit to most benefit your life. It's about not forgetting the past but rather accepting it so your future is bright. It's about living in a world you create for yourself based on what you value most important.

The compassion and simple nature of these outlaws bikers written by Freak Circle Press authors is unrivaled in the genre and as present as all the others in Arrow of Time. I can't wait to see what Lina Andersson has in store for me with the next Marauders MC book.

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