Book Review: Edge of Forever

Edge of Forever (When You're Gone #3)
by Taryn Elliott

One night gave her everything. One night almost took it all away.

Isabella Grace never had a place she could call home until she moved to Winchester Falls. When a romantic moment ends in pain and horror, Isabella must deal with the aftermath of one woman’s vengeance.

After tragedy rocks the small town, the people rally around its newest member, and Logan King, Bella’s rockstar boyfriend, is doing his best to help her pick up the pieces of her shattered life. In spite of the secrets and suspicion that have dogged their every step since the beginning, he helps her find her way back to herself in the midst of her heartbreak over all she has lost. But his unrelenting need for revenge is shaking the bedrock of the foundation of the love they’d only begun to build—and Bella isn’t at all sure they’ll get through it unscathed.

Or alive.

TeriLyn's thoughts: This was a series I first discovered through Netgalley and enjoyed meeting the cast of characters while following on their journey to being together. Edge of Forever concludes the trilogy of Logan and Izzy. Their relationship has been tumultuous because of outside sources more than interfering. Chemistry isn't an issue between these two and in this final installment we see different sides of both characters since it picks up where book two leaves us hanging. Told from both the points of view of Logan and Izzy, I can't say I didn't enjoy reading the conclusion to their story because I did. I grew fond of these characters. Parts of Edge of Forever felt dragged out to me and then Izzy in particular has a very abrupt change of heart while the ultimate conflict seemed a little far fetched. Overall though I enjoyed this and would recommend the trilogy to New Adult lovers who like relationships with a fast burn and a good amount of angst.

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