Book Review: Insatiable

Insatiable (Insatiable #1)
by J.D. Hawkins

It’s not cocky when you've got the goods to back it up.

Lust-maker. Pleasure giver. Fantasy creator. I can blow your mind in five seconds flat — but trust me, you’ll want this to last all night.

There’s not a woman in the city who can resist me. Except one.

Now she’s got a proposition: Seven days. Every position. No strings attached.

She wants to know what she’s been missing.

Who am I to say no?

TeriLyn's thoughts: I devoured Insatiable on the beach and consider it a perfect beach-type read. The characters and the plot provide super sexy, witty, and a lot of fun while reading. Written in such an easy, flawless manner JD Hawkins created the beginning of a story between two characters who I'm now rooting for and anticipating the continuation of their story.

Insatiable is told from dual POV's and is a short, novella style story. Jax shines in this book. His charming demeanor with the opposite sex creates a charismatic character you'll swoon over. He has easy values he believes and was really very dreamy to read with his sort of care-free attitude. Lizzie brings a naivety to the story you'll find is her charm. Each of them equal in fierce personalities completely complimenting the other and giving us great banter and conversation between the two. While conversely, Lizzie's fearless attitude about Jax brought out the most vulnerable side of him adding more to his allure. Not to mention the sex is explosive between Jax and Lizzie. I mean holy wow, JD Hawkins can write a sex scene!

I'm so thankful to my girls for encouraging me to read Insatiable. This author writes extremely well always engaging the reader in the story by providing good dialogue and an easy plot. I'm totally looking forward to reading more about these two characters especially given the interesting twist at the end of the book. Can't wait for Part two!

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