Book Review: Not You, It's Me

Not You It's Me
by Julie Johnson

Gemma Summers is unlucky in love.
She’s known it since third grade, when her first crush blew a spitball into her hair, and a decade-long string of bad dates, boring sex, and abysmal morning-afters has done nothing to improve her prospects.
But when a random radio call-in contest lands her courtside tickets to the hottest playoff game of the season, Gemma’s luck may finally be on the upswing — even if it doesn’t exactly seem like it when the dreaded jumbotron kiss-cam lands on her and her date, who’s too busy ignoring her to notice…

Chase Croft doesn’t date.
Despite ample opportunity as Boston’s most eligible bachelor, the reformed bad-boy would rather put his energy into taking over the family business than weed through a world of gold-diggers to find an honest woman.
But when the beautiful girl in the seat next to him becomes a courtside spectacle at the hands of her loser boyfriend, he can’t help but step in and save the day.

One kiss. Two strangers. No strings attached.
The only problem is, Chase is used to getting whatever he wants. And after kissing Gemma once, he knows one thing…
He wants more.

NOT YOU IT’S ME is a full-length, standalone contemporary romance about a girl who doesn’t believe in love… and the man who changes her mind. Due to sexy-times and strong language, it is intended for readers 17 and up.

TeriLyn's thoughts: **Not You It's Me generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review**
One statement always holds true with reading a Julie Johnson book: it's going to be a hilarious, sweet, sexy ADVENTURE. I fell head over heels for these characters so easily as Julie's writing never fails to suck me right into her worlds. Like Chase Croft perfectly gives "good grin", Not You It's Me perfectly gives great contemporary romance.

There were so many elements present in the story with which to fall in love. Julie Johnson masterfully leads readers from the point of view of her slightly neurotic, zany heroine – Gemma Summers,through the adventures of Gemma once she meets Chase Croft. From start to finish, I laughed out loud at this woman’s antics.  A few times she made rash decisions I normally wouldn’t be able to stand however the beauty of this author’s character development exposes these flaws and atones for them in an honest,true-to-the-character kind of way making her quite relatable. Her feelings for Chase from the very beginning confuse and excite her and the way she fits into his life really worked for the story. Gemma is an independent, head strong girl with some obvious issues. Her reluctance to Chase even as she’s gravitating toward him was a natural as it was comical.  In addition, she has two friends who play secondary roles in the story both of whom any girl would adore.  There are definite hilarious moments with these girls.

Aside Gemma’s crazy, I LOVE CHASE CROFT. This was a great hero. He’s subdued yet overwhelming when it comes to emotions. Another testament to the exquisitely natural writing of this author.Chase’s effect on me as a reader was heavy but not in an overtly arrogant way but rather a bossy, sexy, quiet kind of way. He has charm and charisma rivaling the best of book heroes and his mind gets set on the quirky Gemma. The way he handles her is seriously swoon worthy.  Chase has darkness he fears will hurt Gemma but he can’t seem to stay away. Their perfectly suited trading smart remark for smart remark with their incredible banter. So many moments between Chase and Gemma had me smiling happily.

Secondary characters, in addition to Gemma’s girls, provide comic relief and villainous plot devices while bringing Gemma and Chase closer. Gemma’s mother deserves a shout out for her comical wisdom and no-nonsense approach to her daughter’s tantrums. Another character introduced in the story was so relatable and really cute with a great story of why we met her pops up in the prose and I hope we get more from this author regarding this character.

Their relationship moves as quickly as the plot but it never seems rushed or forced. It’s fun and different and gets a little crazy.  The comedy never stops.The wit this author possesses in her writing makes me gleeful to be a Julie Johnson fan. Her anecdotes and fluid one-liners pair perfectly with the butterfly inducing romance and sexy passion mixed together with heart pumping adventure Not You It’s Me left a lasting impression. Just like all of Julie Johnson’s books. She writes exquisitely. She makes her characters real and human with vulnerabilities and strengths she exposes,exploits, and capitalizes upon. It was easy for me to spend an afternoon in Boston with this book. I’ve been a fan since Johnson’s debut novel and with each new release I become even more awe struck at the stories she writes. I’ll look forward to the next one.

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