Book Review: The Song of David

The Song of David
by Amy Harmon

She said I was like a song. Her favorite song. A song isn’t something you can see. It’s something you feel, something you move to, something that disappears after the last note is played.

I won my first fight when I was eleven years old, and I’ve been throwing punches ever since. Fighting is the purest, truest, most elemental thing there is. Some people describe heaven as a sea of unending white. Where choirs sing and loved ones await. But for me, heaven was something else. It sounded like the bell at the beginning of a round, it tasted like adrenaline, it burned like sweat in my eyes and fire in my belly. It looked like the blur of screaming crowds and an opponent who wanted my blood.

For me, heaven was the octagon.

Until I met Millie, and heaven became something different. I became something different. I knew I loved her when I watched her stand perfectly still in the middle of a crowded room, people swarming, buzzing, slipping around her, her straight dancer’s posture unyielding, her chin high, her hands loose at her sides. No one seemed to see her at all, except for the few who squeezed past her, tossing exasperated looks at her unsmiling face. When they realized she wasn’t normal, they hurried away. Why was it that no one saw her, yet she was the first thing I saw?

If heaven was the octagon, then she was my angel at the center of it all, the girl with the power to take me down and lift me up again. The girl I wanted to fight for, the girl I wanted to claim. The girl who taught me that sometimes the biggest heroes go unsung and the most important battles are the ones we don’t think we can win.

TeriLyn's thoughts: Reading The Song of David provided me a truly unique reading experience. Having read after The Law of Moses I feel like I was given a beautiful gift by this incredibly talented author. Amy Harmon wrote two poignantly brave, incredible stories. These are love stories so evocative, unique, and powerful. The Song of David is a book a feel like I could pick up again right away just to experience the glory of it all over. It's so difficult to describe the power of emotion I felt while reading this but it was there throughout the whole book.

The Song of David forces to open your minds and hearts to not only the characters of David and Millie but again to Moses and Millie's brother Henry. Each one plays a vital role in the love story surrounding David and Millie. Chills coursed my body throughout the entire book as I read on the edge of my seat. Heartache slammed my chest as I turned the pages. Tears escaped my eyes as I smiled through the joy. A gambit of feelings from a story so evocative I can't stop thinking about it. David "Tag" Taggert, Millie & Henry Anderson, and Moses Wright are characters I will never forget; a true testament to the powerful, gripping prose of Amy Harmon. She made me a fully functioning supporter of Tag Team fully invested in the words she so eloquently placed on the pages. Fully aware of the devastation and joy she would undoubtedly unleash on my heart, I went full steam ahead and loved every second.

There's so much to say about The Song of David. It's a book I feel like I could analyze to the enth degree for a term paper. I feel like I could type for hours now urging you to read David's story in the truly unique way that it's told. I can't go into details, as my friend Jxxx says: "this is a story you need to let unfold". You should read it and savor it. Amy Harmon has a beautiful gift she's allowing us to witness. I cherished it and savored it with The Law of David. She's one the best kinds of emotional masochists with raw, honest feelings pouring from every word. This was a reading experience I'll never forget and can't wait to experience all over again in the future. Please open your heart and do yourself a huge favor in your reading life by reading this book. Just do it after you've finished The Law of Moses.

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