Book Review: Finding Master Right

Finding Master Right (Masters Unleashed #1)
by Sparrow Beckett

Kate’s fantasies have always featured sexy, dominant, crop-wielding men, but finding one in real life was easier said than done. She’s used to getting what she wants, but the creeps that keep flirting with her aren’t her kink.

Enter Banner. His intensity scares her—he’s looking for a slave, and Kate doesn’t want to be one. But when he offers to help find the perfect Dom for her, she’s glad to have a matchmaker and protector.

Banner knows he and Kate aren’t sexually compatible, so what better way to get the tasty almost-vanilla girl out of his head than finding her a good Dom? As it becomes clear that Kate has no clue what she wants when it comes to kink, he devises a series of experiments to help her figure things out—a perfect plan, if he could stop himself from training and bedding her. Obsessing about owning a girl who wants to be free isn’t healthy. But when Banner finds the right Dom to collar Kate, how will he hand over the leash?

TeriLyn's thoughts: Finding Master Right unfortunately was not a book for me. I have a feeling it's because I've some really excellent BDSM stories from some really excellent BDSM authors and my expectations are too high. This mixed with the "novice" feeling of the BDSM world this book gives and paired with a Dom who I could find no trust in at all - the story just didn't work. Master/Slave relationships must pride themselves on trust. When I can't trust either character I'll never relate to them and that's exactly what happened here.

Banner meets Kate at a BDSM matchmaking party thrown by Kate's friend who's a practitioner of the lifestyle. From the beginning Kate is curious about being dominated and wants to find a Dom. Her naivety threw me off. She wanted the lifestyle but didn't trust herself to be dominated and keep her self respect. Her character was head strong and while I love a brat who finds a Master there has to be balance. It seemed the character was made to be overly bratty and resistant. She was naive to so many aspects of the life yet Banner threw right into it when he suggests he become her BDSM "trainer". I didn't feel the care I want to feel from a Dom when it came to Banner. I felt recklessness, weakness, and a lack of trust of himself as well. He was hiding behind this "I'm a sadist" facade where I saw no trace of sadism in him at all.

I feel bad, the book got a lot of great reviews and I don't like to rate books this low at all. It's not a good feeling as a reviewer and I don't like it. There was some nagging feeling inside me that told me to finish this book because I wanted to find something I could connect with. I think the story will work for those readers who haven't immersed themselves into books that fully encompass a 24/7 Master/Slave relationship or books with hard core sadists. If that's what you're looking for however, Finding Master Right isn't your book. If you're looking for a novice view into the life, I guess this could work for you. But to me the whole Master/Slave dynamic - the BEAUTY of it - is built upon trust. Trust of oneself and trust of your partner. I felt neither of these characters trusted themselves and it influenced the whole tone of the book for me throwing off what I need to get from this type of relationship. It was too cliched, too over the top not allowing me to connect with either character. Quite honestly, I don't feel it's an honest portrayal of how these relationships should work.

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