Giveaway Blitz: When an Omega Snaps

Title: When An Omega Snaps, #3 A Lion’s Pride Series
Author: Eve Langlais
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Losing control is unheard of until he meets her.

Leo is the calm guy. The nice guy. The one nobody screws with. So could someone explain that to Meena so she stops driving him insane--with desire.

When Meena literally throws herself at Leo and declares he's her mate, his first reaction is to deny--and run far, far away. This lion/tiger mix doesn't do drama and chaos. Problem is, once he sets eyes on her, he can't help but want the vivacious blonde with plus-sized curves, perfect for a big man like himself.

He wants her even if it breaks all his rules when it comes to women.

Wants her even if she destroys his serenity.

Wants her more than a perfectly grilled piece of steak with a dash of garlic, pepper, and salt.

Thing is, someone else wants her too.

This poor omega is about to have his world turned upside down, which means everyone better watch out because when Leo experiences love, jealousy, and frustration for the first time, he doesn't just snap--he roars!

Short snippets:

“Why do you persist in calling me Pookie? My name is Leo.”
“Leo is what everyone else calls you. I want my own special name. I choose Pookie. Do you like it? I think the nickname suits you because you’re just so big and cuddly.”
Appalled, he gaped at her. “I am not cuddly.”

Tequila never appeared sexier than in that moment because of Miss-Determined-To-Vex-Him.
First, she licked the salt she sprinkled on her hand. Her lithe, pink tongue traced the salty crystals, slowly, languorously.
Would she take that kind of time with naked skin?

“Wakey, wakey, Pookie.”
To his credit, Leo didn’t scream. Not like Hayder did the last time Meena perched on him and woke him with a stare. At the time, she was only twelve, a lot smaller, oh and she was wearing a bogeyman mask. Still, the yelp he let loose, totally un-lion like. From time to time, she enjoyed calling his voicemail and playing the sound clip for giggles.
Leo didn’t let out anything but a grunt when he opened an eye and noted her straddling his impressively wide chest.
Unlike her brother, Barry, he didn’t fling her off. Unlike her daddy, he didn’t tell her to go bother her mother. And unlike her last boyfriend, he didn’t gasp for air and demand an ambulance. What a pussy her ex turned out to be, letting a few cracked ribs get in the way of good-morning sex.
Leo did none of those things. He closed his eyes and went back to sleep.

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Hello, my name is Eve and I am a Canadian author who loves to write hot romance, usually with werewolves, cyborgs or aliens.

I should warn you that I possess a twisted imagination and a sarcastic sense of humor something I like to let loose in my writing. I enjoy strong alpha males, and shifters. Lots of big, overprotective shifters. I am also extremely partial to aliens, the kind who like to abduct humans and then drive them insane...with pleasure. Do you like something a little darker? Then check out my cyborgs whose battle with humanity have captivated readers worldwide.

I love to write, and while I don't always know what my mind is going to come up with next, I can promise it will be fun, probably humorous and most of all romantic, because I love a happily ever after.

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