Book Review: Bad to the Bone

Bad to the Bone
by Wendy Byrne

When her Uncle Jack is arrested on drug charges, Sammie Murphy hops the first plane to Key West. Being rescued isn’t on her uncle’s to-do list, though. When he admits guilt and instructs her to go home, Sammie knows with 100% certainty something is seriously wrong.

Veteran DEA agent Enrique Santos knows when a bust is solid. So why is he allowing Jack Murphy’s niece to mess with his head? He’s been set-up and nearly killed by a woman like her before, and he’s not about to make that mistake again.

But then things at Murphy’s bar take a turn for the dangerous, leaving Sammie entangled in Enrique’s dark past. Forced to second-guess his convictions, Enrique has no choice but to kidnap the one woman who could destroy everything...including his heart.

Lori's thoughts: *** Received ARC in exchange for an honest review ***

I didn't hate this book. I didn't love it, either. I struggled to get through it because I felt like nothing happened and what was happening was too predictable for me. The writing was tight and the editing was solid. A lot of people read the book and really liked it so I had high hopes that I would enjoy it much more than I did. I liked the characters, I just couldn't get into the book. But I did stick with it until the end.

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