Book Review: The Hotel:Part One

The Hotel (A Billionaire Seduction #1)
by Lola Darling

“The best sex is hotel sex…”

Welcome to the Rexford, the most luxurious hotel in town. My internship is a dream come true – until I walk in to my first meeting and discover my one-night stand at the head of the boardroom.

Controlling billionaire, Dominic Rexford: CEO - and the man I was secretly hired to seduce.

Now, I just want to keep my head down and stay out of trouble, but Dom has different plans.

He wants a repeat of our wild night together – and he’ll do whatever it takes to get me back between those 700-thread count sheets.

I’m in trouble now…

*Part one of the sexy, scandalous new series*

TeriLyn's thoughts: **The Hotel generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.**
I really enjoyed the start to Lola Darling's debut series. The Hotel introduces us to Juliet Evans and Dominic Rexford who meet under unusual circumstances. Their meet ramps up the sexual tension between the two as Dominic holds nothing back. Juliet, though a little out of her usual element, is fun and flirty right back leading to a very sexy night. The story was a perfect length for a novella and I felt what the author chose to portray really fit the story. There were no frivolous details that didn't fit the story and likewise all details provided intrigued me more.

As the story progresses it seems these two have a lot in common including the sexual tension. Lola Darling's writing really drew me into the story and kept the plot flowing to where I found myself wanting much more Dominic and Juliet. There were a couple times during the well-developed angst created between these two where I had wished Juliet made a different choice and while I don't agree with the choice she still made me believe in her character. It's interesting because I found her to be quite cute when she was frivolous and not inside her own head. I'm very interested to see where the author takes Juliet.

Bottom line is these two were fun. It's a cat and mouse game between a billionaire CEO and quirky college intern that starts off unusually and takes some turn that while I expected them left me excited for more of the story. Some questions are left unanswered about where the plot will go and characters introduced in Part One including the author leaving us hanging a bit at the end. As a lover of all cliff hangers, I thought Ms. Darling ended Part One in a perfect spot. Not too major but she dangled the carrot far enough out of reach that I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for more Dominic and Juliet. I'm excited for the next installment and grateful to have been allowed to read The Hotel. If you're looking for a short, fun, new series with a hot alpha and sweet heroine this is your series!

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