Book Review: Wet

by Ruth Clampett

Hi Everyone! My name is Paul and I’m a recovering sex addict...

Paul McNeill loves sex. Good sex. Bad sex. Oral sex. Any kind of sex. You name it; he loves it. But Paul's biggest passion is his greatest flaw. As a recovering sex addict, he's been abstaining and managing his addiction for over two years. Now, all he wants is to fall in love and find that certain someone he can settle down with.

But when he finds himself on his knees on Elle Jacoby’s damp lawn, he knows there's going to be trouble. Elle quickly becomes Paul's biggest challenge yet. She's instantly set him ablaze while he begs to be hosed down. As he gets to know her more, the flames burn even hotter.

How can he resist a hot divorcee who's amped up to have all the fun she's missed?

Stand-alone story-no cliffhangers. Warning: for mature audiences only.

TeriLyn's thoughts: **Wet generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.**

I’ve come to really enjoy books by Ruth Clampett. Her plots are always fresh. Her characters always people whom can make you laugh, smile, cry, or feel hot with anger. Paul and Elle meet under quite common circumstances. A man helping his sprinkler man father at the house of a recently divorced, hot client. Sexual tension flourishes from the very first page.

The tension and attraction between Paul and Elle creates a foundation on which they build a really beautiful friendship. Paul’s current life circumstances stop him from wanting Elle more intimately no matter how much she pushes. As a recent divorcee she puts herself out there to reclaim some sexual dignity and confidence with herself as Paul is struggling to subdue his confidence in that area. When Elle begins confiding in Paul they form a very strong bond. He protects and guides her sexual prowess while Elle gives him a glimpse at what he ultimately wants – a stable, fun, adventurous life partner. The book is told from Paul’s point of view and I think that choice compounded my interest in Elle. She came off as alluring and wanton but with an innocence you wanted to befriend. I really felt Paul’s connection to her on a platonic level and also could understand why he wanted her. The banter between the two of them is what I most enjoyed in the book. They go at each other with words pretty hard and that banter, for me, solidified the friendship.

With this particularly book, the angst felt too forced and then continued to labor on throughout the entirety of Paul and Elle’s love story. There were times the angst causing the wedge driving the two apart from becoming romantic seemed overused and juvenile. Two adults who are each on the seemingly right chosen paths in their lives and who very clearly have a connection couldn’t find the basic communication skills to understand each other intimately – which isn’t uncommon or something I don’t enjoy but it just went on for far too long. In contrast to their friendship, being told from Paul’s POV and him not being able to get it together romantically with her especially after all he was offering just didn’t feel right. I wanted more of them together romantically especially after feelings the effects of their great chemistry.

I read this standalone, contemporary romance in one day as Ruth Clampett always easily grabs my attention from the beginning. This is an interestingly fun story with two equally fun characters and worth the read on a lazy afternoon.

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