Book Review: For Life

For Life (Reclaimed Hearts #1)
by L.E. Chamberlin

Cassie Daley found her soulmate at seventeen. Steadfast, sexy, and bold, Grady Mahoney walked into her world one night and claimed her for life. But after an unplanned college pregnancy and six years of struggling, their marriage fell apart. Now, despite sharing custody of their two children, they’ve barely spoken face-to-face in nearly eleven years.

She’s managed to keep both Grady and her emotions at bay for over a decade, but when a family tragedy throws the two together, Cassie must face both the man she fell in love with and the demons that drove them apart. Grady makes it clear that he wants their family back together, but can Cassie’s heart afford to take a second chance on first love?

TeriLyn's thoughts: This story has been on my Kindle since it's release and I'm quite sorry I haven't read it sooner than now. For Life provides a unique look into the lives of two people destined to love each other yet their timing wasn't quite right. It's a tale of second chance, contemporary romance full of memories, regrets, joys, and re-discoveries.

Grady Mahoney and Cassie Daley fell in love fast when they were in high school. Their relationship quickly progressed into a mature one where the two, together, buckled under the strains and pressures of their new life. For eleven years they lived separate lives, barely speaking because of the feelings they still hold for each other. When family tragedy strikes both Grady and Cassie start to believe their feelings for each other can turn into love once more. As the two embark on a new journey of re-lighting the torches they've always held for each other the reader gets a very realistic portrayal of the aftermath post-divorce and how the navigation of new again relationship would develop.

L.E. Chamberlin's writing engaged me the entire time. She took this unique concept of second chance love and made me believe in each of these characters, had me rooting for them throughout. My shining light was most definitely Grady. This is a strong man whose made mistakes, atoned for them, and lives his life proving he's a great man. Sexy, smart, alpha, and completely in love with his family - Grady Mahoney offers so much to this story. Cassie is a woman a bit scorned, a bit confused but so very strong in the faith she holds in being a good mother. She's stuck in the past with fears she keeps close for a long portion of the story. Her motivations were definitely founded but there was a big part of me that wanted her to have more faith in the man she inherently knows deep down Grady has become.

I would most definitely recommend For Life to those romance readers who love second chance, contemporaries. This book is infused with a little bit of angst, a lot of sexy, deep tragedy, humor, heartfelt emotions, and characters who are quite true to real life. This is going to be a series of standalone stories with new main characters in each book and I can't wait for the next installment of the Reclaimed Hearts series. The heroine of that story has so much offer and with this author's story telling I know it will be great.

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