Book Review: The Raven Room

The Raven Room (The Raven Room #1)
by Ana Medeiros

Anything you can imagine. Everything you crave. For the members of The Raven Room, it’s every fantasy fulfilled. But for some, that desire is a matter of life and death.

Drawn by needs he cannot control, Julian ventures to The Raven Room, a secret and exclusive sex club in the underbelly of Chicago. It goes beyond sex. It goes beyond kink. The Raven Room is the only place where Julian finds release from the dangerous urges that threaten to destroy the successful life he’s worked so hard to build.

When the police link the Raven Room to the death of a young woman, it threatens to expose a number of powerful people—people who would kill to stay anonymous...

Meredith’s body can’t get enough of Julian. He has opened her sexual horizons to tempting new possibilities. But out of bed she’s an aspiring journalist, and The Raven Room is the story she’s been looking for. By writing an exposé on the club and its elite clientele, she plans to launch her career.

As Meredith embarks on a sexual journey into the forbidden world that Julian inhabits, questions emerge, and dark appetites threaten to swallow her whole. How much can she trust the man who has laid bare her erotic nature and how much will she sacrifice in order to protect him?

TeriLyn's thoughts: **The Raven Room generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.**

I really, really enjoyed The Raven Room. The book is quite different. Very intriguing. Many moving parts and layers kept me totally engaged. Told from multiple third person points of view, the writing engaged me throughout leaving me wanting more.

The focus of the story is the emotionally driven, Dr. Julian Reeve, child psychologist. As the story progresses there are many layers to Julian unveiled ranging a wide span from vulnerable to perverse. He's conflicted about who he is yet makes not excuses for it. He feels deeply for the women who hold his attention in this story even though he fights those emotions. Meredith and Alana the women who grace the story are both very different and take from Julian what they need to satisfy their own emotional turmoil and in Meredith's case, tangible gains for her career. Meredith turned out to be the most intriguing character for me in the story. She undergoes a major shift from beginning to end that I really felt connected to as a reader.

I wouldn't say there's a central love story imperative to The Raven Room but more an exploration of the emotions Julian feels when it comes to these women and other characters in his life. The story delves into the perverse underworld of Chicago, a kink club where crime looms provoking curiously ominous feelings for the reader. At the club seemingly anything goes including the crime prevalent throughout the story. Each new wave of plot always manages to bring the story back to Julian Reeve even when the reader doesn't fully understand why. You'll have guesses and be given clues but never truly told how it's connected. It was an awesome way to read, that feeling of uncertainty as you're invested in the prose.

In addition to these main three characters there are several other characters for whom we see take center stage causing the story to branch off in other directions however still keeping that mystery tied to one Julian Reeve making him all that more alluring. There are many moving parts to The Raven Room. Amassing emotions as the reader to each and every occurrence isn't hard. There were times when I guessed a few occurrences in the plot and turns out my guesses were accurate. This didn't detract from my enjoyment of the book but rather satiated some of the mystery. And while those things came to fruition they opened other boxes to which we still need the answers.

The writing of Ana Medeiros is really good. There were a few transitions in the story that went a little wonky but nothing to detract from my overall enjoyment. I'm quite impressed with the many moving parts in the story and how Medeiros kept all the parts related to Dr. Reeve and the Raven Room embedding him fully into each of the characters lives whether directly or indirectly in our minds. With so many moving parts she always kept the story moving forward never dwelling in one particular area.

The Raven Room mixes undeniable passion, lots of kink, intriguing suspense, and deep emotion into a story you'll want more more from. I can't wait to continue with the series as I feel the second book, given how the author very brilliantly left the first, really has the potential for greatness.

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